Americans too often believe that violent crime almost always happens to other people. Most people never expect crime will happen to them. Until it does.

People don’t realize that we have a 1 on 30 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime every year.

While most folks have been raising their families and working at their jobs, the political elites in Springfield have busied themselves transforming our state. In a nutshell, Illinois has embraced California-style criminal justice policies. As a result, just like California, the Land of Lincoln’s residents have started experiencing California-style crime.

There’s the new “affordable bail” that Illinois adopted a couple of years ago. Judges are told to keep cash bail to a minimum in criminal cases. Heaven forbid bad guys not be able to afford bail before trial.

All too often these affordable bail recipients go on to become one-man crime waves before some judge finally holds them in custody. At times, those released with “affordable bail” even go on to kill people.

Deep down, the legislators behind this measure don’t care. They live in nice neighborhoods. They work in buildings with armed guards. Lots of armed guards. They remain largely unaffected by these criminals released on their “own recognizance.”

And under Governor Jay Robert Pritzker (may we call you Jay Bob?), Illinois prisons continue to aggressively release prisoners early to save money. One of these people, released even before serving half of his sentence for armed robbery committed yet another armed robbery at the University of Illinois Chicago.

He picked out an attractive coed, followed her into a UIC parking garage. Police say he raped her repeatedly, then strangled her to death, leaving her body in the car (along with a used condom) for her family to find over the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

You can hear all the gruesome details from a prosecutor in this video.

Another armed robber, released after three years of a pair of 9-year sentences for armed robberies, started robbing people within days of his prison release. Police tied him to five armed robberies in ten days. Who knows how many more people he victimized that cops don’t know about.

But these early release inmates aren’t raping or robbing the governor, his wife or his kids. After all, they have Illinois State Police’s finest dignitary protection troopers guarding them 24/7. Even Jay Bob’s teenage kids have armed and trained ISP dignitary protection specialists guarding them 24/7.

JB’s daughter Teddi.  Lots more, including Instathot-style shots, here.

And when Pritzker’s daughter Teddi goes off to college in California next school year, she’ll not have to worry about being followed by a hulking armed robber and would-be rapist in a parking garage. She’ll have a State Trooper close by to protect her. Will your kids enjoy the same? I didn’t think so.

Before that, JB didn’t need those icky guns then either. With all his billions could afford to hire the finest private executive protection people to look after him and his wife and kids.

Meanwhile, the little people like you and me have none of that. We have to protect our own families.

Not only that, but some county prosecutors simply have declined to prosecute shoplifting cases for under $1000 in merchandise. So drug addicts and miscellaneous other criminals are stealing staggering amounts of merchandise to support their habits.

And desperate people in need of a fix do desperate things. They have no compunction about shooting or stabbing anyone that gets in their way. And while you may not be the person getting in their way, you or your loved ones may find yourselves acting as a backstop for an errant gunshot.

Nationally, retailers are reporting $51 billion in annual “shrinkage.” The problem has grown to the point that Home Depot just announced rampant thefts from their stores will significantly impact their bottom line.

But when stores like Home Depot don’t confront shoplifters and prosecutors don’t prosecute them, why should thieves stop stealing Home Depot’s stuff for a living?

Let’s face it: soft-on-crime liberals have adopted “kinder, gentler” criminal justice policies that are failing to put criminals in prison where they can’t victimize law-abiding, productive citizens and their families.

Sadly, today we have many bad people on the streets that in past years would remain in custody. And these violent criminals are looking for victims.

Prudent people will maintain their situational awareness as their first line of defense against victimization. Furthermore, they will nurture defensive skill sets to help protect themselves and their loved ones should situational awareness and avoidance fail.

Don’t pretend that you live in a bubble where you can’t become a victim of crime. And don’t rely on modern medicine to save your life after a criminal bursts your bubble.

17 thoughts on “MORE REASONS TO CARRY: Crime proliferating thanks to left’s soft-on-crime policies”
  1. What a shame she didn’t have a gun. Or didn’t go to Hillsdale. Or have a mom and dad who knew that UIC is in a sh*thole neighborhood and NOBODY should go there unaccompanied by armed security.

    Just sad. But we know. Don’t we? We know whom to steer clear of, completely. This generation of metoo’ers and all-of-us-are-equal’ers and there are seventy-two gender’ers, and utterly nincompoop snowflakes are afraid to offend the 13/90’ers. And it’s killing them.

    Rule #1 in war is to know thine enemy. If you don’t, you’re already dead.

    Oh, and, John? Kinda a low blow for even you to insult Jabba’s daughter. AFter all, she’s not guilty by association merely because that fat, fawking pig spawned her. She seems like a perfectly lovely “modern” girl, what with the pics and the pout and the poses. Maybe she’ll turn out alright. But “instathot?” Sir, have you no shame?

    1. We know who to steer clear of… those exhibiting pre-attack indicators.

      See the book Left of Bang.

      If you’re just referring to avoiding certain classes of people because of the color of their skin or where they live, well then that makes you a bigot. And like most Americans, we don’t support bigotry.

      As for Instathot… No, I see no problem discussing the hypocrisy of Jay Bob advocating for gun control for the little people…

      Obviously, his daughter gets armed bodyguards and the rest of our children don’t.

      And if she wants to post suggestive photos of herself on social media for all to see, well, that’s fair game. Frankly, the only reason I didn’t run them is because I thought they were a little scantily clad for a family-friendly website.


      Why does BOCH get to refer to a lovely young woman as “INSTATHOT” and still stand in your good graces?

      SHouldn’t you be UP IN ARMS about some fat pasty-faced white guy referring to a young woman in this fashion?

      Or are you going to – in kneejerk fashion – stand by him cause…….guns?

      Shame on you all.

      It is NOT appropriate for a middle-aged man to refer to another’s daughter as “instathot” just because he disagrees with the man’s politics.

      SHAME ON YOU, BOCH. And you purport to be a CHRISTIAN! SHame on you.

      C’mon, ladies, let him know he’s wrong.

    3. Kenny-boy dr.ho,
      Sooo, you don’t think she is “hot”? She seems to be proud of her looks by sharing with the world, but poor old Kenny-boy does not consider her attractive. Kenny-boy stalks J. Bach so that gives everybody the inclination to believe he must be “gay” (but not necessarily “happy”) by his own inclinations.

    4. You people are PRECISELY why the left wants our guns _ you’re CRAZY!

      Boch calls me a bigot because I choose to steer clear of the 13/90’ers. And call him out for calling a young woman he’s never met an “instathot.” A young woman I refer to as “perfectly lovely.”

      But ol GSL1598 calls me “gay” because he thinks I don’t think said young woman is “hot.” And I’m the bigot?

      Gsl? SUCK MY C_ (k.

      Methinks you clowns are hypocritical aholes.

      And it skeers the hell outta me to think that some of you are allowed to have guns. At least, on the contrary, I am too. So there’s an offset to your lunacy.

      Dr. Ken

    5. Kenny-boylover dr.ho:
      What is sooooo “derogatory” about calling the photos that this over-protected young bimbo “insthot” while she herself is the one posting her pictures for the world to view? This young bimbo wants all to see just how hot she is, to her and her followers that is their way of showing how “superior” they are as opposed just regular average people.

      Kenny-boylover dr.ho, your display of hatred and propensity to stalk all things GSL shows your blatant mental disturbance, the very reason the gun-grabbers want to remove firearms from your possession. PLEASE just GO AWAY!!

    6. Wow. In some fields of medicine, your words would be called “projection,” and are evidence of mental disease or defect.

      But what do you mean by “boylover?” Are you trying to say something defamatory about me, son?

      And is John Boch, the ever-lovin’ righteous dude, gonna let you call me a “boylover” on his precious website? Something about standards, decency and no-name calling, even though I disagree with your OWN name-calling.

      “Thot” is slang for WHORE, SLUT or PROSTITUTE.

      UNLESS a whaman IS such a creature, it is UNCALLED-FOR to call her that, no matter how many bikini photos she posts.

      DO none of you have wives, daughters, mothers or sisters?

      Don’t allow this, just because these CLOWNS support your gun rights. IT is UNACCEPTABLE.

      So is calling someone a “boylover” and “gay” because you disagree with many of his positions.

      Say it straight out and I will sue you.

    7. Kenny-boy dr.ho,
      Your “mental-midgetness” is as apparent as a 50′ flag flying, ““Thot” is slang for WHORE, SLUT or PROSTITUTE.”???- your statement- is absolutely insane, so now you are “projecting” your “gayness” onto others?? You really are mentally impaired and your presence on this forum is not wanted, time for you to be “banned” again.

      Instahot was/is a reference to the photographs that the bimbo posted for the world to see and is NOT referring to being a “WHORE, SLUT or PROSTITUTE” as you state. Get your mind out of the gutter a$$ho dr.ho. You stalk this site to denigrate J. Bach as if it is your sole purpose in life, a$$ho. Be-gone Satan.


    8. Uh……GSL1598, sorry to rain on your parade, by you probably ought to look up the definition of Thot…… It does mean what Ken says it means.

    9. Puttingthetruthout:

      dr.kenho is the only one that made reference to “Thot” in this whole discussion, “instahot” was a reference to the pictures posted on the girl’s publically accessed “social media” forum, soooo, ….why does dr.kenho call her “Thot” when no one else has but he is “projecting” his attitude towards any and all who support this web site?

      dr.kenho is an A$$HO that stalks this site to be derogatory and incendiary to GSL and GSL members / supporters, he needs to be banned again from ever posting here.


    10. ptto:

      “Thot” is not in my dictionary I suppose it is more recent slang that those of us seniors have never been called or referred as, should we refer to “Thot” a$$ho dr.kenho? it fits.

    11. I guess you didn’t take Dean wormer’s words of wisdom to heart. Fat, drunk and stupid are, apparently, the way you have chosen to GO THROUGH LIFE. Good on ya, GSL, good on ya!

      I mean, just keep illustrating your stupidity, your hostility, your closed-mindedness and your intolerance for the viewpoints of others.

      It shows the gun owner to be a rational, even-keeled, thinking man! NOT.

    12. kennyboy-dr.ho,

      I can tell you are looking in the mirror again as you post “your stupidity, your hostility, your closed-mindedness and your intolerance for the viewpoints of others”


  2. The crime that the hard left pols allow to fester seldom impacts them personally.

    Unless it is they who get caught shoplifting purses.

    1. M.R.:
      The very reason they now have “no-cash” bail, to show their support for their criminal constituents and fellow criminal legislators. Still nothing done about C. Ammons’ (“alleged”) criminal activity, nuttin’ to see here,….mooooove on.

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