Oh, how deeply Guns Save Life posts penetrate into the world of government and politics.  Yesterday, we posted a call to action for gun owners and gun dealers to submit comments to JCAR reference the ISP’s Emergency Rules for the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

One of our primary criticisms of the Emergency Rules has to do with the ISP rules on gun dealers storing ammunition out of reach of customers.

Governmental officials, who wish to remain off record, say the solution to this problem is simple.

Licensed dealers are required to submit a detailed security plan as part of the Gun Dealer Licensing Act and the Emergency Rules.  In that required security plan, dealers with ammunition accessible to customers should detail their procedures for mitigating theft and unauthorized access of ammunition by someone who might use it to possibly load a firearm in inventory or on display.

Obviously if firearms on display are behind a barrier such as glass or if they are trigger locked, this would retard a bad actor’s ability to quickly and easily load one of the store’s firearms and then use it criminally.

If the Illinois State Police see the plan submitted by the licensed dealer and deem it inadequate – and we’re told the ISP is not going to micromanage submitted security plans for liability reasons – the dealer will be notified and have thirty days to remedy that inadequacy.

So, for retailers and small shops that currently do not have provisions for keeping tons of ammunition (literally, in some cases) out of reach of customers, they should not panic.  Not one bit.

Not yet at least.

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