Illinois passed a recreational marijuana legalization bill last year and on January 1, users could legally buy (heavily taxed) weed at a handful of locations around the state. Many locations reported long lines, but Illinois’ Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton used her VIP status to cut to the front of the queue and purchase some dope on New Years Day.

Our state’s lieutenant governor buying marijuana doesn’t exactly seem like the actions of a good role model. Then again, the purchase probably served as much as a photo op to burnish Stratton’s hard-left political reputation.

Leaving aside the jokes about the possible marijuana intoxication of many Land of Lincoln’s lawmakers given our state’s sad condition, her purchase has some implications for her personally.

After all, federal law still considers marijuana a Schedule I drug. And while weed legalization proponents are working to change that, current federal law still prohibits the use of cannabis, both recreationally and medicinally.

In Illinois, purchasers have their photo IDs scanned as part of marijuana purchases. Yes, the same Democrats who say that requiring government-issued photo IDs are too burdensome a requirement for voting are just fine mandating them to buy pot.

Those scans go to the State of Illinois and our state government shares them with the feds.

In other words, those buying now-legal pot in Illinois have effectively put themselves in the prohibited person category when it comes to gun ownership, at least where federal law is concerned.

While the Illinois State Police have said they will not revoke Firearms Owners ID cards from recreational or medical marijuana users, purchases will be denied when NICS background checks are conducted.

Furthermore, given recent crackdowns on who can own firearms, unless the feds change the law soon to decriminalize marijuana, it seems likely that someday Illinois may well use marijuana use as an excuse to crack down on users of weed, citing the federal prohibition.

Personally, I support marijuana legalization and don’t like the two-tiered system we have, nor the complications it creates for otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

Obviously Julia Stratton supports legalized pot, taking time on New Years Day to stock up.

CNN covered the “event” . . .

Despite the cold, snow and long lines, hundreds of Illinois residents — including the state’s lieutenant governor — waited outside to be among the first to buy weed following its legalization.

Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton was among hundreds of early morning customers at Sunnyside Dispensary, a Chicago marijuana dispensary, on the first day of legal recreational sales in the state, according to a release from Cresco Labs, which owns the dispensary.

“For too long, IL residents, particularly those that are black & brown, have been targeted and criminalized for #cannabis possession,” Stratton wrote in a tweet following her visit. “It’s not just a new year, it’s a new day. Thank you, @GovPritzker, for ending prohibition and building a more equitable Illinois.”

Stratton bought a 100-milligram tin of Mindy’s Edibles Glazed Clementine Orange Gummies, according to a statement from Joe Caltabiano, Cresco Labs president and co-founder. Each gummy is 5 milligrams, a “very popular microdose for beginning edible consumers,” he said.

And the lines in Illinois? They were very long in some locations. Exceptionally long:



So who is Julia Stratton?  On Twitter, she describes herself as:

Illinoisan. Wife. Proud mother of 4 daughters. Progressive. Triathlete. Justice advocate. Fan of live music. Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. she/hers

Here she is with multi-billionaire fat cat and now Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and most of their respective families.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, left, and Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton. Via Twitter (Juliana Stratton)

So our Lieutenant Governor now can’t legally purchase a firearm as a newly-prohibited person. Maybe she can add “federally prohibited from purchasing guns” to her Twitter bio.

Frankly, it would have more relevance than her preferred pronouns.

16 thoughts on “After Buying Marijuana, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Becomes a Federally Prohibited Person”
  1. Those who smoke dope are nothing but that, dopes.
    With all the drunk driving problems we have as a society, isn’t this just what we need, more impaired drivers? Or more impaired gun owners for that matter?

    Could be that our legislature’s goal was to create more people who are out of it, and don’t care what their government does to them.

    1. She didn’t say what she was a “triathlete” competitor in, …could it be: “weed smoking, buffet eating (for the munchies),and sleeping (crashing), or maybe video gaming”?

  2. I figure this is for publicity and nothing more. She is also on one of the protected class. So she will be given a pass on about anything she does.

    From my understanding there are so many taxes that are apart of this dope program that it is crazy.

    But heck ole JB needs the money; Right!

    How ever if she is a pot smoker, then she is a Pot Head; that could explain a lot of the issues we have in the State.

    1. A local guy posted a picture of his receipt. Looks like the taxes, with local additions, run to about 38%. Came to right at $100 per gram. I’ve never been in the market myself, but that sounds REALLY steep.

    2. What i find interesting about this whole issue is this. For years the state locked people up for selling dope because it was illegal, evil and bad but now since JB gets a piece of the action its legal. safe and good.

      2 faced pigs. Just because the state is making money suddenly selling dope is fine.

    3. Anything is ok if you can tax it @ 30 to 40 percent. When will the sex workers (prostitutes?) start getting taxed? After all, isn’t there a demand?

  3. Doesn’t this just make you so proud to be an Illannoy resident? Just think, if JB the Hutt has a major grabber, you’ll be calling this thing governor.

  4. Actually, the law around purchase of legal weed specifically prohibits the seller from retaining or sharing any information about purchasers. You only need to show a state id to confirm age & residency. Sellers cannot take your name unless you allow it.

    1. While that may be true, but after passing one of the places on my way the a home improvement store I saw police cars stationed there. Do you think the only thing they were doing was protecting the dispensary? Lots of cars with license plates in there view.

    2. That may be true, but in Cham-Urbana the buyers overwhelmed the dispensaries so, as much crowd control and safety, but consider that it is completely a cash business. From reports, massive amounts of cash must have been collected the first few weeks because of the crowds.

  5. That explains what is going on in Springfield.

    The Governor, Lt. Governor, and who knows how many other politicians are stoned on the newly legal marijuana.

    I think they jumped the gun, and have been stoned for years.

    1. I think you are right, old JB has been hitting on the “munchies” a long time, now he has all that CASH “tax” revenue coming into “the state” to disappear into “shoe boxes” (ala: Paul Powell?)

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