Just coincidence, right?

Joel Gain, the Guns Save Life director who has acted as GSL’s representative in the case of the man trashing bundles of GunNews in Petersburg, had his work truck egged on Saturday, December 7th.

Under cover of darkness, an unknown assailant threw eggs at the truck in a childish act of vandalism, incurring hundreds of dollars in damage to the paint of the work vehicle.

Gain has spoken with Petersburg police about the incident.

5 thoughts on “GSL leader’s vehicle egged in Petersburg”
  1. There are two things I won’t tolerate. Someone that steals from me or lies to me. The coward that egged this vehicle falls in the same category as a thief and liar. Eventually, he will pay.

    1. Except………..he’s NOT. Egging a car does NOT make one a thief, nor a liar. It makes him a pure-d a-hole, but that’s it.

    2. Ken,

      “falls in the same category”, the “egg thrower” essentially “stole” the value of the truck he egged by making the original appearance and value diminished to the owner and to resale value.

      I like to live by the old saying “What goes around, comes around”, or basically “karma”, so I always try to do good things toward others. This “egg thrower” will eventually get restitution and hopefully it will be “ten fold” but the idiot will not understand his “bad luck” at that time.

  2. Vandals such as these cowards are difficult to find and prosecute unless caught in the act. Sympathy for the victim, I hope that this does not discourage him. With security cameras prevalent in society now, I hope the idiots can be found for restitution.

  3. Whoever threw the eggs doesn’t have the balls to face the truck owner ( or any of us ) and run their mouth, they also can’t hold their own in debating the issue so they resort to childish coward stuff like vandalism. Everyone knows the leftist loons are chicken ****.

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