In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  Well, John Lott of the Crime Prevention Resource Center follows Alinsky’s rule in a great video titled Hollywood’s Bias Against Guns.

In five minutes, he rips Hollywood’s hypocrisy when it comes firearms in America. And he delivers his ridicule with great impact while providing both amusement and entertainment for viewers.

At the CPRC site, Lott supplements the video with a description of some of the Hollywood-perpetuated myths versus real-world reality.

MYTH: Guns are more likely to do harm than good.
REALITY: Guns are used at least hundreds of thousands of times a year for self-defense, far more often than they do harm.
MYTH: Police want citizens to avoid guns.
REALITY: Police know that armed citizens deter criminals and reduce crime.
MYTH: Criminals often use machine guns to outgun cops
REALITY: Machine guns have been banned for decades, and there have been just two cases of machine guns being used for murder since the 1930s.

Read the whole thing.

And don’t forget how these same Hollywood types just love to hire their own armed good guys for protection while demanding gun control for us little people. Because in the minds of Hollywood elites, the lives of their families are far more valuable than those of the little people who pay their salaries buying $11.75 to $15 movie tickets.

Great job, Professor Lott. Great job calling out the Hollywood hypocrites on their bigotry against guns and America’s law-abiding gun owners.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: John Lott Rips Hollywood’s Bigoted Bias Against Gun Owners”
  1. Dr. Lott was recently in a fantastic video on Judicial Watch’s YouTube channel panel discussion with Chris Farrell, Cam Edwards and Rachel Bovard titled “On Watch: Revealing the TRUTH about Gun Control, Red Flag Laws, & the 2nd Amendment”. Must see TV.

  2. And don’t forget Hollyweird’s obsession with guns in what seems the majority of their movies. Every time you go to a movie, it seems, one is inundated with previews for upcoming crap with nothing but guns. Total hypocrisy for the left coast fools.

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