So, did you know that Chicago had a pair of seven-person victim mass shootings Saturday night?  Neither did anyone else.  Because the mainstream media obviously doesn’t really care when a bunch of African-Americans get shot down.

It’s true.  Two incidents as reported by Hey Jackass.  Seven people maimed at each one inside Chicago.

The first, at 1:20am Sunday morning at the 2900 block of West Roosevelt saw seven victims between 19-25 years of age.

Above, from early Sunday morning from NBC Chicago.

Then, a couple of hours later at 3:45am, at 1800 S. Kildare, seven more were shot, including one fatally.

Across the street on S. Kildare, houses are available in the low-100s for 2000+ square feet.  The good news is that the property taxes for living across the street from mass shootings are only $10,000 / year.

It was so bad Sunday morning that Mt. Sinai Hospital in Douglas Park went into bypass mode because they simply couldn’t treat any additional patients.

Anyone want to take a bet on how long before Lori Lightfoot throws CPD’s Superintendent Eddie Johnson under the bus?

That’s really going to put a crimp in his girlfriend/wife’s (Nakia Fenner’s) career path.  She’s gotten herself at least two “merit” promotions.  Career advancement comes more easily when you’re sleeping with senior staff.

If Johnson’s out, she might have to earn her next promotion the old-fashioned way…  by working for it.

23 thoughts on “Chicago has a pair of mass shootings Saturday night. And nobody cares.”
  1. My questions are, why is Trump caving to gun control?!?!?! What positive act has he done for gun owners?? Now he is supporting the red flag laws?!?! That is just a vehicle for malicious liberals to stripe you of your gun rights! And where is National Reciprocity????? Remember that carrot the NRA and President dangled??
    I believe there are only two outcomes for Gun owners/2nd Amendment supporters at this point. Prepare to surrender your semi-auto weapons or prepare for war!!!!! I know which one I am ready and willing for??? What about you?!

    1. I couldn’t agree more strongly. Most people on here try and dismiss me as ignorant, or a troll. Neither could be farther from the truth. Most people don’t want to face the truth. Trump talks out both sides of his mouth, it’s why he is a billionaire, and also why he is the POTUS. Factually, more harm has come to the 2A and gun owning, freedom loving, conservative Americans…..under Trump, than under Obama. The nay sayers can call me a troll, dismiss it as a “lie” or whatever……. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth.
      As I’ve said before, and you mentioned above, draw the line in the sand, know what you are about, find your threshold. Stockpile, train, prepare. It’s coming weather you believe it or not.

    2. …and I’m sure that the gun-hating, lib-prog, Hitlery Clintoon would be MUCH better for your simpathies toward the second if she had won the presidency, right?

  2. GSL 1598: Hillary isn’t the President, so that point is a waste of time. I would never say she would be better. But I didn’t expect Trump to cave to the pressures of the left! The Red Flag law is a disaster! Doesn’t Illinois have it? Has it been abused yet? At the end of the day, Trump is doing the same thing a lefty President would do. Blame the gun, punish the law abiding by creating ineffective new laws and parrot that we need to deal with mental illness! The 2nd amendment is VERY clear. Any new or current unconstitutional laws created, that go against the 2nd, should be ignored and resisted by any and all force necessary. Until we are willing to do that, the 2nd amendment will continue to boil slowly like a frog in a pot, until it is dead forever! And the water is starting to bubble!

    1. Thank GOD Hitlery isn’t president, but, but, but…Your hatred towards Trump makes it apparent you prefer he wasn’t/isn’t. The second rate player in election 2016 was Hitlery, so… if you wish Trump had not won the presidential election, Hitlery would now be making life miserable, more-so even than Pritzker here in Ill-annoy.

    2. I have no hatred for a President I voted for. I’m guessing at this point you’re either a troll or ignorant. Because it is clear that you are purposefully twisting my writings to fit your narrow perspective on the situation as a whole. It won’t work with me. If you are on our side, great. Learn to better understand your allies. If you’re not, then prepare to be educated by your enemy. Happy Trails Hans!

    3. Alpha co, or are you “putingthetruthout”? Whoever you claim to be:

      You have all the lib-prog gun-hating laws passed and enforced and turning on Trump because he “allowed” it to happen. Lets see what he vetoes, how he works with the gun-haters before we condemn him as anti-2A.

    4. Whats wrong alphacrapp, too much wisdom in my statements for you? I merely state what appears to me a counter to your ignorance, or is it your arrogance?

    5. Hey alphacrapp, where and when did President Trump “cave” to the anti-gun crowd? All the dums are out of the country, not coming back to DC until after Labor Day, NO, I REPEAT NO LEGISLATION has been passed and sent to the President concerning “Red Flag” laws or any other anti-firearms legislation.

      You mental-midget morons, “alphacrapp” and “puttingthecrapout” are denigrating the President for something he has not done because you are all “worked up” from what the instigating lamestream “media” puts out.

      WAKE UP, the media is playing you like a fiddle and you idiots are dancing to their tune to stir up hatred and dischord among Trump supporters and voters.

  3. Until the cells/groups within the DOJ/FBI/CIA and State Department do the perv walk . To all of the little rights we have are in danger .

  4. The ISRA is once again pointing out how every FOID card holder in the state is background checked every day.

    Does this mean they are going to sabotage the FOID card case going the Illinois Supreme Court ?

    We do not need the damn FOID card nor do we need to be background checked every stinking day.

    just because some punk with autism was involved in a shooting is not reason to destroy our rights.

    GOA is point out what really needs to be done to stop shooting. Allow anyone with peaceful intentions to carry firearms.

    Texas is removing restrictions for gun owners so why is DC calling for more laws?

  5. Well trumps NY values decide to come forth and support gun control.

    I voted for trump and had hope he would stand by his word but like most NY-ers his big city liberalism come forward and reared its ugly UN-American head.

    What is being called the white supremacist manifesto has now been proven to be a fake, but the moron in the White House went with his daughters advise and started screaming for gun control.

    Trump has did more to plant seeds of revolution than any president in the past 50 years.

  6. GSL1598-If only you and your fellow lemmings would open both eyes, maybe you could see the entire picture…. Instead of the pin point you keep focusing on. You and your like-minded fellows, along with your short sighted thinking and closed mindedness, are SO much more of a threat to freedom than you even realize. Go ahead and parrot back more of the ignorance you usually respond with. It really doesn’t matter any more. You sir, are lost to the wrong side.

    1. hey “puttingthecrapout”, we had 2 choices in 2016 for commander in chief, the best choice I saw at the time was our present President, you mental midget moron, now the lamestream moron-mediaites have you turning on the anti-politician trying to make this country better than the way it was headed with the “one” Barack Hussein Obama, and if the Hitlery would have gotten into the oval office, it would be the “third term” of the Marxist Obama on steroids.
      Seems to me you are denigrating the wrong people.

  7. They keep getting it backwards. It is not ‘keep the guns out of the hands of bad guys’. Its keep the bad guys hands off of guns, IN JAIL.
    As for Red Flag Laws, take the person for evaluation by proper people only after the police believe that there is reasonable believe that the person filing the complainant is truthful.
    If someone is truly that is a treat to the complainant, then after the police show up to take away firearms, could that be the act that pushes them into action? Did they miss a gun? Is there something else that could be used?
    Don’t let a false complaint be without legal action. A person could be the one wanting to cause harm to the other. A type of ‘Swating’.
    Remove the non Constitutional restrictions from law abiding citizens. Most restrictions are like the ‘Jim Crow’ laws. Let those with criminal thoughts worry who might be armed anywhere.

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