Illinois’ Gun Dealer Licensing takes effect on July 17th.  The very bill that Rep. Kathleen Willis spearheaded through the Illinois General Assembly.  The one that’s driven hundreds of Illinois gun dealers out of business with onerous fees and regulatory burdens.

Senator Don Harmon did much the same for the Gun Dealer Licensing bill in the Illinois Senate.  And they are having a town hall meeting on July 17th in Franklin Park, IL.  Let’s hold them accountable and make them squirm!

Wednesday, July 17th
Center at North Park
10040 N. Addison
North Park, IL
7:00pm to 8:30pm

The event kicks off at 7pm.  Get there by 6 to make sure you have a seat and to make sure they don’t close the door to opposing points of view.  You can bet the Demanding Moms will be out with their Bloomberg paid for T-shirts.  Wear your IGOLD, GSL or ISRA apparel.

Or, even better, go in low profile without apparel that identifies you as a gun owner.   Without gun owner apparel you might even get called upon to ask a question!

Ask little Kathleen if she’s aware of just how many businesses have closed as a result of her burdensome regulatory over-reach.  Ask her other tough questions.  Don’t give her an inch and make her squirm.  Tell her how disgusted you are with her and her gun control advocacy.  Make it uncomfortable for her.

Ask her how many cats she owns while you’re at it.

And then do the same when the event wraps up and she’s on her way to her car.  Make it uncomfortable for her.  Make her squirm.  Make her lose her cool like Julie Morrison did.

And while those of you in pro-gun apparel probably won’t get called upon to answer any questions, you can have your phone out or bring your video camera and shoot some high-quality video of the event.  So if either Harmon or Willis pops off, we have it on tape.

After all, she and Don have given us an invitation to their event.  It would be a shame if they had a party and we didn’t show up to fete them.

2 thoughts on “Let’s crash Kathleen Willis & Don Harmon’s Town Hall Meetings! Hold them accountable! July 17 in Franklin Park”
  1. useless commie d-rat d-suckers don’t care about anything except confiscation and extermination of anyone not like them

  2. Since the dems statewide and at the national level have revealed their plans to enable firearm confiscation through gradually increasing regulatory ensnarement, the citizens must remind these political tyrants that there are short term election risks to them and ultimately severe corrective redress allowed under the US Constitution.

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