David Sigale, the attorney handling Vivian Brown’s case that could result in an Illinois Supreme Court ruling striking down the Illinois Firearms Owners ID Act filed his brief in the case today.  It came eleven days late, and was allowed after Chief Justice Karmeier approved it.

This is in follow-up to our post criticizing Sigale for missing the May 31 deadline.

Here’s Sigale’s brief.

In fairness, Mr. Sigale writes that he had a computer glitch as he tried to file the pleading at 4:59pm Friday, May 31st.

Really?  You wait until the last minute of the last hour of the last day before filing the most important brief you’ll ever write?

18 thoughts on “ELEVEN DAYS LATE: Sigale’s brief accepted by the Illinois Supreme Court. Have a look…”
  1. Thisis going to be another us c miller 1939 where the the state gave its aguements and the people were brushed under the carpet… someone needs to give sigelli a swift kick in the junk for this

  2. Well, so far so good. It is frustrating that this was filed late. We usual do not get so lucky.

  3. How and when it got filed are inconsequential now that it has been accepted.

    1. That may be true DD, but,…something this important should have been submitted in a much more timely manner. I would expect my attorney would be much more expedient in a serious matter going before the Supreme Court of IL. The “aesthetics” make this attorney appear somewhat incompetent if he can’t get his work submitted before the very last second. ALWAYS expect problems, especially if you wait to submit a brief at the very last second.

      Lets all hope he is better prepared when he presents his arguments in person.

    2. Here’s a pop quiz for you: what do you call a brief that’s filed at 4:59 and 59 seconds before the 5 pm deadline? Timely. What do you call a brief that’s filed 10 days early? Also Timely. Lighten up you Nancies unless you’ve ever filed a brief and know what exactly is involved in the prep work and prettying up that the stupid lawyer rules require.

    3. And what do you call a brief that’s 1/100th of a second too late?


      DD is right though. It’s in now. Hopefully, Mr. Sigale can redeem himself. Although I haven’t read his brief. I’m almost afraid to.

    4. GO AWAY, Kenny-boy troll, the brief was NOT filed at 4:59 and 59 seconds before “deadline”, correct? 11 days later. DUHHH Is 11 days late “timely”? mental midget moron Kenny-boy troll strikes an inept “blow” AGAIN!!! GO AWAY KENNY-BOY TROLL!!!! Go tell yer mommy she “loves” you, we all know she really doesn’t but you can keep deceiving yourself.

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  4. Ken, I think you are missing the point. This could be landmark legislation struck down. When my reviews or self assessments are done at work I consider them late if I have them in a week before the deadline. Attorneys make in the hundreds of dollars per hour, residents of the state of Illinois deserve better.

  5. Waiting until the last minute on some things is a valid strategy – I recall standing outside the Clerks office on the last day to file witness lists before trial, for 4:59 to roll around, to give the other side less time to run down my witnesses. However in this instance the other side will have 30 days to respond regardless, and trial isn’t set for months. Waiting until the last minute seems like a unnecessary risk for no reward.

  6. Get off of that X. Show me one case law where a case was not given consideration on the merits of the attorneys position solely on the basis that the reason was filed late and with the caveat out to the chief justice of the supreme court accepted it. It is accepted and you should read it. A lot of good arguments therein. And the fact that he was accepted is a good thing.

    1. Pretty sure there are a long list of cases that were decided when one side or the other failed to respond in a timely manner.

      But frankly, as David mentioned above, it’s a non-issue now as Sigale’s brief was accepted. Thank heavens.

      Hopefully this is the end of sloppy work on the part of Mr. Sigale. At least on this case.

  7. Over-all the brief is strong and exposes the states failure in the case to address the unconstitutionality of the Illinois FOID card law. The Brief address the Brown case specifically.

    The only weak point I find in the brief is the separation of long guns and hand guns as interpreted by law.

    Historically Long Guns and Hand Guns were considered a part of a Stand/Standard of Arms.

    When Tench Coxe held the office of Purveyor of Public Supplies (Arms Purveyor) it was understood that “ARMS” as defined in the second article meant “STAND/STANDARD OF ARMS” which is a Rifle, a pistol, a bayonet. a sword (if you were an officer) Powder Horn and Shot Bag, which is your ammunition and assorted accouterments (Web Gear/shoulder bag, Bed Roll)

    Tench Coxe referred to this as all of the terrible instruments of a foot soldier

    I like this brief, I’m just glad the state accepted it 11 days late

  8. It sounded like “the dog ate my homework” to me.
    Yes, it is in now. What the impression is, I don’t know.

  9. It is not late if the Supreme Court says it is not. While there may be all sorts of reasons why it was not filed earlier, Sigale’s record of defending and arguing the 2nd amendment is stellar. This is a record of his throughout the US, not just his work in Illinois.

    I am sure he was hired, not because of the billions of attorneys at his firm, but because there is no one that they trusted more to represent their issues. There are a laundry list of attorneys that were solo attorneys, but accomplished amazing work. From Clarence Darrow to Abraham Lincoln (he was either solo or 2 attorneys most of his career).

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