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Our friends at the Illinois State Rifle Association are calling for good guy gun owners to show up at a “Town Hall” meeting in Deerfield…  We at Guns Save Life not only second that motion, but  we encourage members, friends and like-minded gun owners to show up and make them squirm. 

Senator Julie Morrison and Representative Bob Morgan will both be present at the 6pm, Tuesday, June 11 event at the Deerfield Public Library.  Both of these political hacks have championed gun control this session.

Make ’em squirm by shining the light of truth upon them.

Does “Deerfield” ring a bell?  It should.  Their town council tried to do an end run around state law and ban America’s favorite rifle, and many more like it, along with standard capacity magazines.  Unfortunately for them, Guns Save Life (and separately, the Illinois State Rifle Association as well) filed a lawsuit and blocked their underhanded stunt.

Then the crack legal minds representing Deerfield filed an appeal to our win…  THREE DAYS LATE!

Go.  Break their little magic bubble where they think everyone in Illinois supports gun bans and gun control.

ISRA Alert: Anti-gun State Senator Julie Morrison & Freshman Anti-Gun Representative Bob Morgan
to hold “End of Session” Town Hall Meeting at the Deerfield Public Library June 11 at 6:00pm


Anti-Gun State Senator Julie Morrison tried earlier this year to pass legislation to make you turn your semi-auto firearms, calling them “Assault Weapons”. Well, she’d actually let you keep them, if you registered them with the Illinois State Police first, for $25 each.  (SB107)  And registration always leads to confiscation.

Near the end-of-session, she became the Senate sponsor of SB1966 – as amended after it passed the Illinois House.  This is  Rep Willis’ onerous “Fix the FOID” bill that ISRA sennt many alerts on last month.  That bill would require your fingerprints, ban person-to-person sales, unlawfully set price controls on required fingerprinting and FFL transfer fees, and raise the price on your FOID card by at least 400%.  Remember that there are court cases and lawsuits in progress that will prove the FOID fees to be an unconstitutional infringement. 

While in Morrison’s care, SB1966 was held in committee, so it was never called for a vote in the Illinois Senate. She has promised to work the rolls of legislators over the summer to drum up to support for this bill that we can’t allow to pass.

Senator Morrison and her district freshman Representative Bob Morgan are holding a Town Hall meeting at 6:00pm on Tuesday, June 11 at the Deerfield Public Library, 920 Waukegan Road in Deerfield.  This is your opportunity to meet Julie Morrison and address her in person with your concerns.  Think about being treated like a criminal for complying up to now with everything your Illinois government has asked of you.  Think about being told by hand-wringing politicians which of the firearms you already own are the ones that you get to keep.  Or which ones you get to pay to keep.  This meeting will be in a public place, you cannot be turned away or forced to register.  You need to be there!  

Talking points:
  • Bans most semi-automatic firearms in common use, especially the ones that look scary to Senator Morrison and anti-gunners, because they have a magazine, a stock, or a barrel. 
  • Allows the possession of scary-looking firearms if first registered with the ISP for $25, which begs the question of why ban them in the first place?
  • Blames lawful gun owners for sensationalized violence committed by prohibited persons. 
  • Attempts to make gun ownership a financial and procedural hardship. 
  • Requires fingerprints to exercise a constitutional right.
  • Bans private transfers that already occur under a background check.
  • Unlawfully sets price controls on FFL and fingerprint services.

Show up early, maybe at 5pm or so to make sure you get a front-row seat. 

A couple of questions you might ask:

  1.  “A hundred years ago, racist Jim Crow laws were passed to keep cash-poor African-Americans from owning and using guns.  Why do you support creating obstacles that will keep cash-poor African-Americans from exercising their right to own a gun for self-defense?”
  2. “You oppose voter ID because you say that poor people often can’t afford state-issued photo ID to vote, yet you support fingerprinting to get a FOID card which requires a state-issued photo ID.  Why?”

If they tell you “the right to vote can’t kill you”, you should reply, “Tell that to the people of Venezuela who voted in socialists and today, now disarmed, they fight for their lives.”

And make them squirm. 

Get in their faces. 

And please take photos and send them to us.