The Witness Slips were opened in just the last few hours for SB1966 HOUSE AMENDMENT ONE

Click here to file a witness slip in opposition to the bill.  (Be sure to select HCA 1 and not the ‘original bill’)

Click here to see who’s filed slips for and against, as well as the count.

Dan Eldridge did a nice job summarizing where the various agencies within the Illinois criminal justice system failed in allowing the Aurora mass murderer to get a gun, to keep his gun, and to carry out his terrible crime.  It’s over at The Truth About Guns.

Here’s an excerpt:

The tragic mass murder of five in Aurora, Illinois earlier this year has exactly nothing to do with law-abiding Illinois gun owners and everything to do with cascading failures by local, state, and federal government workers who failed use the tools they already have to keep firearms out of the hands of felons.

Rep. Willis’s response to government failure is: more government!


  • Federal 1: failure to ensure NICS background check data was comprehensive
  • Federal 2: failure to prosecute perjury on 4473 form
  • State 1: (Mississippi): failure to report felony conviction by this offender to NICS

The story I got from the NSSF was that Mississippi had reported the felony conviction and incarceration of the killer to NICS.

  • State 2: (Illinois): failure to prosecute perjury on FOID application by this offender
  • State 3: (Illinois): failure to prosecute perjury on CCL application by this offender
  • Local 1: (Oswego): state’s attorney failed to query for firearms when offender bonded out on another charge
  • Local 2: (City of Aurora): failed to follow-up on Illinois State Police FOID and CCW revocation

These are all felonies that could have been reported to the State’s Attorney’s office for warrants and prosecution, but they weren’t. So let’s punish law-abiding gun owners to cure government failure?


This isn’t a problem with the FOID card.  This is a problem with Illinois’ soft-on-violent criminals criminal justice system.

This is a problem with people like Kathleen Willis.

12 thoughts on “FILE WITNESS SLIPS: Kathleen Willis’ Racist Gun Bill in Hearing Tuesday!”
    1. Actually its on 2nd reading calendar for House. If the House passes on 3rd reading, it goes back to Senate chamber for concurrence vote.

  1. This bill has already passed out of committee

    The FOID card is a tool of confiscation and should never have become law.

    In my opinion the Jussie Smollett hoax had a greater impact on the Aurora shooter than the media and authorities want to admit.
    [Think about it. A black man walks into a room full of white men telling him he is out of a job. Did he think it was a form of Lynching]

    The media now says the “OK” sign is a white supremacy sign. It started as a joke on 4chan just like the Golden shower Russia gate nonsense, so does that make it true

    The Communist want to disarm us, they are using the Aurora shooting has an excuse to achieve that goal.

    Even if we consider the FOID law has legitimate, then the STATE DROPPED THE BALL. SO why does every gun owner in the state get punish for the mistakes of the state?

    I have been criticized for years for speaking out against the FOID card law. I have said for years it is nothing more than a tool of confiscation and I have been attacked for my beliefs. Well today an amendment just attached to a bill forcing gun owners to be treated like criminals has passed out of committee.

    So all of you door knob whores that support your precious FOID card will now get to be treated like criminals, right along with everyone else.

    Law is nothing more than the opinion of a politician backed by the force of arms.

    The FOID has got to go!

  2. Attention Attention Attention

    A major gun control bill is moving in the Illinois General Assembly that will require ALL gun owners to be finger printed and background check in person at an Illinois State police their expense. The bill as amended also “ENDS” all private sales and transfers.

    Please contact your family and friends in Illinois and ask them to contact their Illinois State Senator and House member and tell them to oppose SB1966 as amended with House Amendment 1 (HA1)

  3. I have called my senator, my House rep, GOA and 2 talk shows talking about this bill and you will be surprised at how many gun owners are unaware of this bill.

    Talked to GOA and ask why there was no GOA alert and they didn’t even know about the bill.

    How are we supposed to stop this bill when so many gun owners are unaware that it even exists.

    We have 2.3 million gun owners in this state; over 2 million are eligible to vote and yet the republicans could only muster a little over 1.5 million votes.


  4. How many gun owners have moved out of Illinois? I know that 6 gun owners in my family have moved out of Illinois. We were all tax payers as well.

  5. This shows exactly what the gun banners want to do. They have dropped all pretense of reducing crime. They do not care about reducing crime, they only care about getting rid of law abiding gun owners. No crook will be impacted by this bill. We gun owners are the only “problem” these laws will solve.

    1. 100 % correct. The proof that what you say is so true is this…. The gun grabbing liberal Dummycrats write all these bills to supposedly fight crime but NOT A SINGLE BILL ever mentions gang members, drug dealers, or harsher sentences for violent criminals. NEVER. as a matter of fact these traitors often fight to coddle criminals while ignoring the victims.

    2. I agree there is no pretense; its all about disarming the people.

      Gang banger’s, drug dealers, every 2 bit thug on the street will have a firearm but the people with no desire to commit a crime will be treated like criminals.

      We have to reach out to gun owners and freedom loving people and energize what ever base we have left to stop this tyranny.

      It is true a lot of good people have left Illinois, but the fight is up to us.

      Make those calls and get involved and get others involved setting on the side lines is not the answer.

      You do not have to join a group to get involved; but get active.

  6. Everyone call House Minority Leader Jim Durkins office at 217-782-0494 and let him know you fully expect him to get the Republicans in Springfield to vote NO to the “fix the FOID” amendment to bill SB 1966. remind them that the Illinois Republican party website states they are against infringements to the 2nd Amendment. Be nice and polite to the secretary that takes calls, she’s not the one pushing this garbage.

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