With the support of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, Guns Save Life filed a lawsuit today in Illinois state court challenging the state’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) Act.

The FOID Act requires individuals to pass an extended background check, provide a photo, and pay a fee before being granted government permission to possess a firearm in their own home. Illinois gun owners must pay a fee and renew their FOID card every 10 years. If the card is stolen, gun owners are forced to jump through additional hoops and are burdened with more fees to exercise their constitutional right to self-protection. 

The case of one Guns Save Life member shows how drastically the FOID Act infringes on that right. In compliance with the Act, the member recently sought to renew his FOID card. But the police denied his application and revoked his card, claiming to have suddenly found a battery conviction in his record. He has no such conviction, and the courts have no record of one. Nevertheless, because he no longer had a FOID card, he was forced to disarm.   

“Something is very wrong with a law that causes a law-abiding Illinois resident to dispossess himself of his firearms because of a government recordkeeping error,” said John Boch, executive director of Guns Save Life. “This episode should reveal to everyone the FOID Act’s basic unconstitutionality.”

But efforts are underway in the Illinois legislature to raise the costs of FOID cards. With the help of the NRA, Guns Save Life seeks to end once and for all this infringement on the constitutional rights of the law-abiding gun owners of Illinois.


Message from John Boch: I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the role of the former NRA-ILA contract lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde for his invaluable help.  Without his hard work and selfless dedication to our cause, this suit might not have been possible.

24 thoughts on “Guns Save Life Challenges Illinois’ FOID Act with NRA Support”
  1. Why do you keep talking about having filed a lawsuit as if you’ve already filed a lawsuit? You told us last month that you had already filed a lawsuit.

  2. It is neither responsible nor ethical journalism to print a story that is an absolute lie and then simply deleted as if it never was published. The ethical and honest thing for a journalist to do or anyone to do actually if you’re honest is to print a retraction and an apology and assurances that you won’t lie to us again! You did print an entire article last month that said you and NRA IL had already filed a lawsuit challenging the FOID Act when you know damn well that you had not. That article had numerous comments beneath it. Now you’ve just gone and deleted it all! That is completely dishonest John and you are going to lose any credibility you have if you keep this crap up.

    1. 1. I am not a journalist. This isn’t a journalistic endeavor. It’s a blog.

      2. It was taken down because it was incorrect.

      3. What happened? Without going into too much detail, we had what we believe was a health-related snag in filing the original suit. Sometimes people in their 80s get sick unexpectedly. Long story short, someone, somewhere, thought it had been filed when it had not.

      4. I/We regret the premature release. You can grab a copy of the filed complaint from the Sangamon County Courthouse. Or you can download it later today at The Truth About Guns.

      5. It wasn’t last month. It was May 2nd.

      We’re good now and all systems are green and go. As for you, Ken, why don’t you join us on this train to victory instead of throwing stones at us because we got off to a late start pulling out of the station?

    2. I was born and raised in Illinois. The only time I didn’t live here was when I was in the Army and when then sent me to Iraq. I am sick (and tired 🙂 of the hoops we have to jump through in Illinois to exercise our rights, guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. I am more than willing to assist you if you need a face to put in front of a judge. I am healthy enough to fight!

    3. I’m not going to quibble with you about any genuine distinction between journalism and blog. When you represent an organization like GSL you are more akin to a journalist than a simple blogger like a high school girl! However it would have been honorable if you had corrected it before somebody called you on it considering what little pricks you are when I mistook an am- for pm in one of your prior stories. That’s kind of a Minor error considering you said a lawsuit had been filed when the lawsuit had actually been filed. There’s a big difference there.

      Nevertheless thank you for the correction and explanation and of course for filing the lawsuit!


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  3. Maybe something happened behind the scenes. Ken, why are you so wound up about this? It’s not like somebody stole your girlfriend.

    Great job guns save life!

  4. Thank You GSL for supporting Freedom. How can we support you in this case?

  5. Donate to Guns save life and or the national rifle Association institute for legislative action.

  6. Ah, come one guys! John did not lie, which means printing something you know is wrong. He printed inaccurate information that he did not know was inaccurate. He corrected the record. No animals were killed and no harm was done. John works really hard to get the latest news the news media neglects to print. I say he is allowed a mistake once in a while. The MSM prints stuff they know is a lie all the time.

  7. Ken needs to find something more constructive to do with his time. He seldom has anything worthwhile to contribute.

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