Illinois gun owners fight hard to defend and protect their God-given rights, including the right to keep and bear arms and the right to self-defense.  Frankly, we have to in a very blue state where politicians constantly work to undermine and peel away law-abiding gun owners' rights.  Today, Land of Lincoln good guys and gals have turned out in force to rally and lobby Illinois' political leaders as part of Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.

Why do we turn out?

Simple:  We value our right to self-defense and to keep and bear arms.  In New Zealand, a nation without a Second Amendment, one lunatic's rampage in a place he expected no armed resistance has led that nation to arbitrarily ban commonly used guns.

And now, barely a week later, police are showing up at people's workplaces to make arrangements to seize their guns.  From The Truth About Guns:

AP photo

AP photo

According to members of New Zealand’s largest firearm forum, Kiwi police are starting to go to gun owners’ places of employment, homes, and even visiting gun ranges in an attempt to gather information and get gun owners to relinquish their firearms.


Or their residences.  Even based upon social media reports.


One gun owner in New Zealand held off police intent on seizing his gun for three hours before committed suicide.  Again, from TTAG:

Additionally, it appears that New Zealand’s crackdown on semi-automatic long guns has claimed its first victim. According to Stuff which appears to be the New Zealand equivalent of The Patch . . .

A former Russian soldier who feared going back to prison tried to call his son before dying of a suspected suicide following a three-hour standoff with police.

The family of 54-year-old Troy Dubovskiy told Stuff he was sought by police after his property in the Christchurch suburb of St Martins was searched on Tuesday.

Police acted on information from the public.

Here in Illinois, we have at least one politician who has privately expressed approval over the prospect of dead gun owners should Illinois enact a semi-auto gun ban. 

Local cops responded to her cavalier attitude about gun ban enforcement and told her they wanted no part of kicking in doors to enforce a semi-auto gun ban or confiscating those guns from otherwise law-abiding gun owners.  The response?  Something like, "Well, how about just kicking in a few doors?"

Unfortunately, nobody present offered for this would-by tyrant to take her place at the front of a stack of jack-booted thugs going into gun owner homes to take their guns.

Another person present told her that people will die if Illinois passes a semi-auto ban. 

Our gun grabbing pol's response:  shrugged shoulders.  This person couldn't fathom that some Americans value their rights more than life itself and will use every means available to defend their rights.  After all, some of us are real Americans.  And we all know how and why the American Revolution kicked off on April 16th, 1775.

And it won't just be gun owners dying.  Some door-kickin', oath-breaking cops will die along the way too.


Because you don't go up against skilled people, including former military who take their oaths seriously, and expect not to take serious losses.  And that's if your door-kickin' stormtroopers are the top of the varsity team. 

If they are the jayvee, it'll be a bloodbath for the oathbreakers.

Word has it that IGOLD attendance is YUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE this year – thousands, in fact.  Up dramatically from the past three years or so, as it should be.  In fact, one person said it's bigger than the last three or four years put together…  and doubled!

(I'm at home with a bad virus going around the state…  I don't want to make my illness worse by running myself down and I don't want to share the virus with thousands of my closest friends.)

14 thoughts on “Why Illinois gun owners stay engaged: NZ raids workplaces for gun confiscation, one gun owner already dead, and at least one IL politician okay with dead IL gun owners”
  1. My guess is about 6000 people showed up. it was definetly bigger than last year.

  2. Glad I could be there, great turnout, great day for a march to the capital, long lines but everyone cordial, respectful and gung-ho for 2A rights. Many newcomers and saw many old-timers as well.

    1. Look to the sponsor of the bill.Julie A Morrison. NO direct knowledge of the words, but it’s right up her alley, INCLUDING the “The response? Something like, “Well, how about just kicking in a few doors?” ”
      where she would WANT to make some EXTREME examples to “scare” the rest of us into compliance. SHE is DELUDED if she thinks our reaction would be fear. ANGER – dangerous white hot anger would be more likely.

    2. Deluded is right.

      I suppose it really doesn't matter which politician intimated the “threat” since it comports with the radical liberal mindset of elitist, dictatorial governance in this evolving era.

      With today's Democrats and RINOs if you are pro Second Amendment, a gun enthusiast and a gun owner you are no different to them than the Jews were to Nazi Germany. And, if you are white, then all the more rage and hate spews from the invidious, racist mouth (ironically mostly from people who are white).

      In North Carolina you had a Democrat candidate for sheriff who expressed the thought of exterminating gun owners who opposed gun confiscation. And in Illinois you had Rep. Stephanie Kifowit who said she wished her GOP colleague and his family would die from a broth she’d make of Legionella. No outrage except from the vocal minority.

      In true Hitleresque, monkey-brain behavioral fashion it seems logic and reason are absent in the radical liberal mind. Whichever politician or “leader” implies these types of threats they are a promoter of state-sponsored violence against their own fellow citizens simply because of the citizen’s constitutionally protected rights which they regard obsolete (Drunken monkeys – the primate conflict behavior patterns for social dominance that humans follow).

      It's difficult to tell where all this sociopathic, Constitution bending behavior by the Democrats and “would-be tyrants” will lead but I certainly hope it doesn't lead to state-sponsored violence though it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.


  3. We have no choice but to fight, once confiscation begins in the USA. New Zealand is half way around the world and whether we like it or not we can not help them and they can not help us. Either they stand on their feet or perish.

    In the USA we must start stock-piling food, medical supplies, fuel and ammo; lots of ammo.

    http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com get involved 4-6 pm cst mon-fri listen on SamCloud

    1. You're late…. should have been doing that all along starting many years ago. Bath-house Barry (may he rot in hell forever) was the number 1 gun salesman in the USA for 9 years…….

  4. "Would-be Tyrant or tyrants" pretty much stayed behind closed doors…..Chris Miller our local rep for the 110th did speak to us in the Rotunda …..said to expect our political enemies to ramp up efforts to push their anti-gun agendas  sometime in May as they head into their summer recess…..all in all was a very good time being around a large crowd of like minded patriotic Americans…..it was my first IGOLD and wanting to do that again next year.

  5. Law is nothing more than the opinion of a politician, backed by the force of arms.

    The cultural Marxist will always use a crisis to advance their agenda.  The only thing they care about is their power.  

  6. Ok – I'll ask. 

    Who is the politician who shrugged her shoulders in response to people dying if they enact a semi-auto ban???

    1. Yep these sites need to start calling out these false flag events and have those discussions instead of giving credence to them. 

  7. Should start mailing large chalk markers to politicians with a note,


    I have my body outline chalk – here's yours .

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