Kentucky's Governor Matt Bevin tries to work cooperatively with everyone in the Kentucky General Assembly.  But regarding the debate over constitutional carry in the Bluegrass State, he's heard enough doomsday hyperbole.

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So when push came to shove, he offered a very pointed and memorable bit of advice to those who tried to talk him out of his support for the Second Amendment.

Bevin told WKYT-TV last week:

"[The proposed law] doesn't break new ground. It simply says that people do indeed have the right to keep and bear arms," said Gov Bevin. "… For those people who are offended at this idea and don't like it, there are other places in America where they could live."

Ouch.  That will leave a mark.

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14 thoughts on “Kentucky Gov Matt Bevin: Those Offended By Second Amendment Rights Can Live Elsewhere”
  1. Love it. I just may be moving to Kentucky some day.  Illinois is the pllace you DON’T want to be.  No “Green Acres” here.

  2. A man standing firm on solid ground without deception and perfidy nor weak knees. Someone to admire. Someone who is true to his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution rather than attempting to usurp and subvert it. Someone who stands up to crybullies. Sad that the likes of his will not be seen in Illinois politic any time soon. Illinois is stuck with the likes of scoundrels, dirtbins and duckworthlesses.

    1. And it has for a long, long time! I was born and raised in Illinois. Never was I as amazed (and happy) as when, as a gun owner, I moved to Kentucky in 1990 and was treated with respect by our local sheriff’s office and the State in general. A far cry from the second-citizen status gun owners are burdened with in Illinois. You can eat your FOID cards, Illinois!

    2. What part of kentucky has the lowest land prices. It may be worth buying a few acres or buy a house in the country 

    1. I assume this is the translation…[Everyone in our country can not get a license to carry weapons . In order to obtain a license to carry weapons, some conditions must be met. With these conditions, it is prevented that anyone who wants to carry a gun carrying license is allowed to receive a license to carry weapons.]

      In the USA we have the "Right" to Keep and Bear Arms" written into our constitution as part of our laws. Its called the "Second Article of Amendment" [ 2A ] or Second Amendment.   

      Regardless of the claims of lesser men; Our Founding Fathers were Christians and believed in the Commandments of God. In Luke 22: 36-38 as followers of Christ we are commanded to Arm ourselves. While in the King James the commandment was interpreted to mean a sword, which is correct for the weapon but it is incorrect for the commandment which in Hebrew; means Implement of Destruction which is “Arms”  

      In the USA our Founding fathers also recognized the God given right to self-defense. Exodus 22: 2-3 and Nehemiah 4 : 14-18.

      At the time of Christ the short Roman sword was a modern assault weapon of its day. The Founding fathers believed we the People should also be armed with weapons sufficient of the day. So a Roman sword of 2000 years ago is the AR15 of today.

      It should also be noted that at the time of Christ is was against the law for the followers of Christ to be armed. It was also against the law for Hebrew people to have Blacksmiths or arms makers.  

      There is more, but I will stop for now.

  3. I have been looking at land in Kentucky. You can buy a decent sized farm in kentucky for $200,000. 

    The demo-rats are turning Illinois in a cesspool of Satanism. The state will not be worth living in a few years.

    If enough gun owners moved to Kentucky we could keep the State pro-gun but it would mean we would have to vote and get involved at the local and county level. Something that gun owners have failed to do in Illinois.


  4. So, you're involved at the local and county levels? What volunteer work do you do with GSL? Are you on your local city council? You must be, for all your talk. There are a TON of gun owners I know who volunteer their time, money and efforts to gun rights. 

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