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Feb 18, 2019

Cville+Motorcoach+Charter+Bus+Field+TripsIllinois Gun Owners Lobby Day is coming up Wednesday, March 27th in Springfield.

As a courtesy, we are posting a list of buses that the ISRA sent to us, along with details. 



Update: Buses to IGOLD

The ISRA is sponsoring 4 buses at this time, and other organizations and businesses are also sponsoring buses. It is expected that there will be a good response to this announcement, and we ask for both your participation and patience. ISRA bus seats will be reserved by calling the ISRA office at 815-635-3198 between 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday. All ISRA reservations are $35 and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you are interested in taking one of the available buses, contact the appropriate organization only. Please do not call about buses from other organizations, the office staff will not be able to answer. If you have questions or comments about the buses, you can send an email to IGOLD@isra.org. . No reservations will be taken at this e-mail.

For ISRA buses, you are required to have a cellphone if you are an adult rider. Minor children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a cell phone. The ISRA buses will not stop for lunch for lunch. The food vendors will be available at the Bank of Springfield (BOS) Center. The cafeteria will be open in the Stratton Building in the afternoon.

All ISRA Buses will depart at 4:00pm from the north end of the Capitol (Monroe St). The BOS Center will be closed by then.

There will be a bus available (no reservation required), for those that need it, that will run from the BOS Center to the Lincoln Steps before the march. You will need to tell the bus captain if you require a ride back to the BOS Center vicinity.

If you have been a bus captain before on an ISRA bus and would like to resume that duty, please call the office at 815-635-3198.

Please remember that you will have to go through metal detectors at the Capitol, please plan appropriately.

The other buses are listed as a courtesy and to promote the unity of IGOLD, but the seat reservations are done through the other organizations. If you have a bus to add to our listing, please send mail to IGOLD@isra.org. Note that arrangements have been made for a free parking location just a few minutes from the event.

All Buses Arrive BOS Center
All Buses Depart 4:00 pm north end of Capitol (Monroe St)



ISRA-Sponsored Buses
Call ISRA 815-635-3198 to reserve
Evergreen Park – WalMart – 2500 95th St – 7:00am
Oak Forest – Eagle Sports -5900 W 159th St – 7:50am $35 Non-Refundable



Chicagoland- West
Call ISRA 815-635-3198 to reserve
GAT Guns – 970 Dundee Ave, East Dundee – 7:00am
Glen Ellyn WalMart – 3S100 IL-53 – 7:45 am $35 Non-Refundable



Call ISRA 815-635-3198 to reserve
Rockford: CherryVale Mall – 7200 Harrison Ave – 7:00am
Peru Walmart – 5307 IL-251 – 8:00am $35 Non-Refundable



Marion/Mt Vernon/Fairview Heights
Call ISRA 815-635-3198 to reserve
Marion – WalMart – 2802 Outer Dr – 7:00am
Mt Vernon WalMart – 110 Davidson Rd – 8:00 am
Fairview Heights – St.Clair Square Mall – 9:00am
(Red Bird Express Parking lot near the water tower) $35 Non-Refundable

Buses Sponsored by others – Please do NOT call ISRA
Joliet – IDOT Park and Ride – 7:00am
Sponsored by Aurora Sportsmen's Club
You can't click on the link from this page, so here is
a shorter link you can type: https://bit.ly/2UBrHjm $27



Alton – 3685 E Broadway – 8:30am
Call Piasa Armory – (618) 433-2715 Donation



Chester/Red Bud/Waterloo – all along IL-3
Call Rick Hall – (618) 317-1176
Chester – Rozier's – 7:30am
Red Bud – City Park – 8:00am
Waterloo – WalMart – 8:15am $25



Marion – Cornerstone Church – 2705 Walton Way – 7:00am
Hood's Guns & More (618) 308-2348 $35



Quincy – RKBA Range
Pickup and time TBA
Call Mark Dempsey – 217-430-0338
mdempsey@adams.net $25




9 thoughts on “IGOLD Bus Info”
  1. Illinois only recognizes 4 other States' CCW permits. 22 States including mine recognize an Illinois permit, but it's not reciprocal.  Going anywhere East of the Mississippi unarmed, especially high crime States  really isn't all that appealing to some.  I'm one of those persons.

    Best of luck with your rally,  I'll follow your progress on the news. 

  2. Illinois does NOT recognise any other states CCW.  Illinois will issue a non resident CCW to those from Arkansas, Miss., Virgina and Texas after training and double fees.

  3. I hope as many people as possible can attend IGOLD but I have to admit I am also discouraged at what I read on the ISRA face book page today.

    The ISRA is talking about enforcing existing law.

    According to existing Law, the place of the Aurora shooting was a “Victimization Zone” or “Gun Free Zone”

    I do not want any more “Victimization Zones” or “Gun Free Zone”  I do not want any more innocent people set up to be victims by this government.  [For Christ sakes people, when are the gun groups on our side going to admit these gun free zones are wrong]

    Existing law is the problem. We need to restore the “Checks and Balances” between the good guys and the bad people that want to do us harm.

    Constitutional Carry is the solution; Repealing the FOID card is a solution to this problem.

    We need to stop pretending that more government is the answer to all of our problems. We do not need cradle to the grave gun control

    In Israel they used to have problems with terrorist attacking schools. The Israelis stopped that by arming teachers. The Israelis even allow older children the right to pick up arms and defend their school. Problem stopped!

    In Israel they used to have problems with bombings and stabbings. So they built a wall; the problems almost completely stopped.

    Restoring the checks and balances is the answer to these horrible shootings, not enforcing existing or adding to existing laws. [Less government not more]

    Sad truth is, this is 2019 and we are still in an education and information phase. People do not seem to understand the 2A or the “Rights of a Free People”

    Please Dear Lord; help wake up the people  

    Solution; Work at the local and county level to make change, educate and inform others and encourage them to vote

    1. My ISRA membership recently expired and I’m not renewing it. Sometimes I seriously wonder who’s side they are on.

  4. The sad state of affairs is Illinois is this; we have people in the Illinois General Assembly that want to make the slightest infraction for a gun owner a felony.

    These people so hate our guts, values, traditions and faith; they would rather  see us destroyed than allow us the right to defend ourselves, our property and our families. They now want to finger print every gun owner in Illinois and make us pay to exercise a God Given right.  That has got to stop

    They are driven by ideology and that ideology is Bolshevism. They support higher taxes, wealth distribution, open borders, censorship and cradle to the grave gun control.

    The current law in Illinois creates “Victim Zones.”  We sadly saw this in Aurora.  The solution to our problem is not enforcing current laws or adding new ones. The only real solution is Constitution Carry and restoring the Immunities and Privileges of the people by repealing laws like the FOID card.

    March 27th is IGOLD. Everyone that has the ability needs to attend. The threat to our future is too great to ignore. If you can not attend then PLEASE, at least make calls on that day to your General Assembly members.

    I am going to add this caveat. During the big push for gun control in the 60’s the ISRA and NRA had meetings all across the State pushing for support of their version of gun control.

    At our local meeting a family member spoke against the various proposed laws being pushed by Governor Kearny and Mayor Daley. The frustration of the local meeting was the Gun Lobby had a Facilitator at our local meeting that encourage the idea that gun owners had no choice but to accept the gun lobbies proposed law. We know that law today as the Illinois FOID card law.

    In my local area many gun owners would not join the ISRA or NRA for years because of what occurred at these meetings. Its not just apathy that keeps the ISRA has such low membership levels, its their support for gun control and the bitterness over those meetings years ago.

    Every day our God given rights are infringed upon by a law that should never have been passed.  Future laws depend upon the FOID card for enforcement. We need to contact our county republican committeeman and get involved and start working on repealing these laws

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