St. Louis Metropolitan Police Commissioner John W. Hayden Jr. has some explaining to do.  Initially, he told reporters that a young police officer's death came as a result of "an accidental discharge" of a weapon.  In reality, two of his officers played 'Russian roulette' and it did not end well for either of them.

Police officials initially told reporters that Katlyn Alix's death came as the result of "an accidental discharge of a weapon."  From USA Today last Thursday afternoon:

Published 3:22 p.m. ET Jan. 24, 2019

Police in St. Louis are investigating the shooting death of a 24-year-old officer early Thursday by a fellow cop who “mishandled” a firearm, authorities said.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Commissioner John W. Hayden Jr. said Officer Katlyn Alix was shot in the chest shortly before 1 a.m. as she sat in the living room of a fellow officer's apartment in the city's Carondelet neighborhood.

Hayden said two on-duty male officers went to one of their homes in the midst of their shift. Alix, who was off duty, met the officers there.

He said Alix was shot in the chest by a 29-year-old officer in what he described as an “accidental discharge of a weapon.”

The department said a preliminary investigation found the officer "mishandled a firearm."

However, when a Probable Cause Statement leaked, everyone learned the tragic truth.  The Police Commissioner's claim that the fatal shot came as a result of an "accidental discharge" from a "mishandled" gun seems deceptive at best.

It doesn't even really begin to describe the felony stupidity involved.

Prob Cause

We now know two St. Louis Metro cops played a deadly game of Russian roulette early Thursday morning.  In the end, Nathaniel Hendren, shot Katlyn Alix (pictured at top) in the chest with a snub-nosed revolver, killing her.


Hendron, 29, and his partner stopped by his apartment while on-duty around 1 am Thursday, along with an off-duty Katlyn Alix, 24.

According to the probable cause statement, Alix and Hendren began playing with guns.  Hendren then produced a revolver and unloaded it, save one bullet.  He spun the cylinder, pointed it away and pulled the trigger on an empty chamber.

At this point, Alix took the revolver and pointed it at Hendren – and pulled the trigger.  Once more, the gun clicked as the hammer fell fell on an empty chamber.  Moments later, rocket scientist Hendren took the revolver from Alix, pointing it at the younger woman's chest. He pulled the trigger, discharging the single round.

Hendren's partner came running back into the room and the two took the mortally wounded Alix to the hospital.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney made the 'felony stupid' official.  Kim Gardner's office charged Hendren with involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action.

He faces 10 years in prison without much likelihood of a plea deal with the prosecutor's office. The very "progressive" Gardner has already proved herself to be no friend of the local police.

In fact, some describe her as "the most anti-law-enforcement circuit attorney to hold that job."  Even the judiciary agrees.  A judge barred her office from prosecuting a man shot by police, citing a conflict of interest by Gardner.


Meanwhile, Officer Alix leaves behind a husband.  Hendren leaves behind his career with the SLMPD.  No word on whether the partner will have a job when the dust settles on the investigation, either.

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  1. Are you freaking kidding me? If any of you believe this you're dumber than I thought! These people were banging each other not with guns but the other way! That's the only reason they went to one of their Apartments during the daytime when they were on duty! There was sex involved! If you think not you're a silly piece of crap. You will never know the true story about this because it won't be told.

    1. Ken,

      You are showing your ignorance once again, 1 AM is the middle of the NIGHT!!

      I find it odd that an off-duty, married, female officer would meet with 2 on-duty officers in the middle of the night at one of the on-duty officer's apartment as well, and any story would be suspicious. Very attractive young woman, why would anyone who is schooled in firearms use ever point a weapon at a fellow officer, loaded or not, and pull the trigger. Something very, very "fishy" about this situation and the explanation.

    2. Okay bright boy! Game on! You want to ride me because I missed that little hook on the end of an a that makes it a p? Seriously? I mixed a p and an a up and you're going to call me ignorant? John if I were to call you ignorant for every mistake you made on your silly little circle jerk website well it would not look good for you brother!

    3. If it wasn't a sexual relationship it may have been they were in on something crooked like drug dealer / prostitution / theft ring shakedowns and an argument went bad or maybe she knew the others were into something and was going to spill the beans. maybe the three of them were getting rid of someone and she got hit in the process. who knows ?

    4. Kenny-boy,

      Apparently you are hyper-sensetive as well as ignorant, re-read the whole article, first mention: "EARLY THURSDAY"', second mention: "..shot in the chest shortly before 1 AM…", third mention: "…early Thursday morning.", fourth mention: "…around 1 am Thursdday.

      Soooo, it wasn't just a "mistake of " …missed that little hook on the end of an a that makes it a p…..", besides which you calling the GSL nationally known website a "…silly little circle jerk website…." shows just what you are doing as you access GSL's web page and shows everyone that reads your pissant opinions you post here you are an uneducated, creepy little troll. Game on?

    5. Kenny-boy,

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      It is too easy setting straight a mental midget with no imagination.

    7. Ken says "You will never know the true story about this becasue it wont be told". But you just "told" us. You declared "There was sex involved!". And, "These people were banging each other not with guns but the other way!". So now we know the "true" story LOL!

    8. Yeah, the "true story" according to mental midget, pissant troll kenny-boy, the "all-knowing" wierdzard. haha. I'm sure kenny-boy pissant troll was a "fly on the wall" in the apartment. yeah-right.

    9. Ken didn't say the "whole story,"  but he knows that sex is involved.


      Also, Ken's a DR., so unless you wanna contrast C.V.'s, mebbe you should shut'cher redneck mouf! 


      Mental midget?  Pissant? Troll?  Where's johnnie-boy wif de banhammer? 


      It's okay to insult the hell out of someone with whom you disagree on substance, call him names, etc., but if you use a word that's contemporarily "out of favor" you get blocked?

      You circle-jerkers are a bunch of flaming hypocrites! 

    10. yep,you geessed it, Kenny-boy,

      soooo, you are a DR? is it Dr. Kenny-boy Ho the japanese "doctor" on TV?

      every time kenny-boy posts he reveals his mental-midgetness, poor little misguided troll.

  2. The toxicology report and the autopsy results will tell the whole (lurid?) tale. May even catch crime scene tampering.

  3. There is a Facebook post saying Katlyn and Hendren used to date before she was married. The article also says there was white powder on the table and empty beer cans all over the apartment floor. The doctor at the hospital who admitted Hendren should have ordered alcohol and drug testing.

    1. I'm no police officer, nor do I play one on TV but I imagine that the 2 survivors of this stupidity were drug tested when they were telling their tale of the events. It's probably procedure. There is definitely more to this than meets the eye.

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