AskMen, the self-professed "experts" in men's lifestyle for almost 20 years, say men should give up obsolete skills in today's world.  And they place hunting as skill #1 men should ditch "to be the kind of man who's tops in the near future."  Really.  But it gets better.

Ian Stobber wrote the piece for AskMen, telling today's young (beta) males how to get a leg up on other men when it comes to landing a great woman (or is it "partner" now?).  Going out on a limb, I bet AskMen's self-righteous Ian Stobber does not have a lot of love for guns or guys who own them.

Let's face it, the Left in America has declared war on more than guns.  They hate masculinity in general.  They call it "toxic" masculinity.  But let's face it, American men – real American men – have lots of masculine traits.  Some more than others, of course.  But let's face it:  American masculine men (and women more masculine than some of these AskMen guys) gave us America's independence.  Since then, strong men and women have have kept our nation free for almost 250 years now.  Using guns, grit and determination.

But AskMen says all that's no longer needed.  Instead, they give us new skill sets that in their view will make a man more "manly" in the 21st Century.

The final paragraph of the author's preamble says a lot.  From AskMen.com:

Now, if you want to stay focused on being the coolest guy ever circa the 20th century, knock yourself out! Nobody can make you respect 21st century manliness if you don’t want to. But if you’re at all interested in being ahead of the curve and exploring how to be the kind of man who’s tops in the near future rather than the distant past, then read on to discover which skills are becoming obsolete, and what you should be looking to replace them with.

From there, Ian Stobber tells us "Hunting" ranks as the first and foremost skill "new men" should leave behind.   Ian writes that men should instead learn how to cook a meal.   "Take a cooking class," he writes.  "Or try a meal-kit delivery service".  Maybe even "hunting" for ingredients at a grocery store stands as a hill too high for Ian and his pals to conquer.

I hate to break it to Ian, but those who can successfully hunt, almost always can successfully cook.   After all, vegetarian means "lousy hunter" in many languages.  Or so I hear.

Obsolete skill #2?  Fighting.  Instead of learning how to fight to protect those whom you love, the AskMen scribe suggests learning to mediate.  At first I read it as "meditate".  Both remain equally worthless when Ray-Ray and Mongo think they would like to have some fun with your girlfriend, wife or teenage daughter.


He writes:

Physical fighting literally doesn’t solve anything — it just leaves people angry and bruised, or worse.

What a load of liberal wishful thinking.  Physical fighting gave us our independence from Great Britain.  It allowed us to triumph over the Axis of evil powers in World Wars I and II.

Closer to home, criminals understand force.  Violent criminals, especially.


In my personal life, I have returned to the gym at least three times a week, and will soon return to twice-weekly Krav Maga classes.  I earned my green belt in Krav last year after four years of training, practice and a little sparring.

Already, I have used my Krav to save an innocent teen girl from serious injury at the hands of a violent male intent on repeatedly slugging her in the face.  The individual I "restrained" had zero interest in mediation.  Or meditation for that matter.  Without my Krav skills, I might have eaten a knuckle sandwich or two, or worse.

So yes, Ian, you go right ahead and sharpen your mediation skills and take some cooking lessons while you're at it.  You'll make a nice, easy victim for Mongo and Ray-Ray.

Dr. William Petit probably wished he had boned up on his hunting and fighting skills.  In 2007, a pair of bad guys broke into his Connecticut home that he shared with his wife and daughters (pictured).

petit fam
AP Image Courtesy the UK Sun.

They beat the doctor with a bat, then tied up the good doctor as he tried to reason with them.  From there, they set about repeatedly raping his wife and daughters.  For hours.  Later, they tied the two daughters to their beds, splashed them with gasoline, then set them alight.  The only survivor was the doctor.

But men don't need to know how to fight, according to AskMen.

Among the other obsolete skills this guy says new age men don't need include auto repairs (learn computer coding instead), fixing things at home (learn how to decorate) and being a leader (become a collaborator follower!).

I think I saw one of Ian's "AskMen" followers last week.  While waiting at a truck stop in Dwight, Illinois, I saw a couple come out of the store to a car with something hanging under the front bumper.


The male half (face pixelated to protect the guilty) stood and watched as the female got onto the ground and diagnosed the problem.  Then she went to the trunk, found a pair of pliers, and returned to the ground while Mr. Millennial stood there watching.  For five minutes she worked under the car in near zero degree wind chills.  At this point, I decided I needed to take a pic.  Unfortunately for me, she had just fixed the problem and started to stand when I got this photo.  You get the idea though.

Yes, this guy must belong to that "new man" fraternity.  The one that doesn't need to know how to do basic car repairs, protect his loved ones or hunt for meat.

Not the kind of guy I want as a friend, neighbor or even an acquaintance.  Nor the kind of guy I'll raise my boys to become.

What say you, the people of the gun?  Do you plan to ditch your guns and hunting skills to cook a better burger and to better decorate you home?

13 thoughts on “AskMen Says Men Should Ditch Obsolete Skills… Like Hunting”
  1. Metrosexual AskMen writer Ian Stobber has written the perfect how to manual for any guy that wants to be the guy you see in femiNazi wacko protest videos. Yes, The same videos you see where a frustrated, angry FemiNazi liberal loon with a Moe Howard haircut is freaking out about Trump and her umm "husband " err unuch is standing behind her cowering in fear with urine running down his leg and he's wearing a pink p**** hat and a Hillary shirt. Cuckold Ian Stobber forgot #8 for his list…. get nuetered.


  2. The problem started with Vietnam!  All the real men, good guys, went, fought, died, came back broken.  The same goes for Iraq and Afganistan.  Who didn't go??  Dopers, hippies, misfits   and that is who is running our country now. 

    1. You're correct, Mark Woodshank. The worst generation of Americans ever, IMO, are the liberal baby boomers who introduced into American culture that drug addiction is cool. But what can we expect from a faction of society that flew the North Vietnamese flag in Chicago's Lincoln Park, fought with law enforcement and bombed police precincts?

  3. To all the ladies out there take some advice from a dad of 3 beautiful, successful, fully in control of their lives daughters….Have nothing to do with the hapless good for nothing metrosexual "males". Seek men of character and strenght that do their best at putting you first everyday. forget the eunuch liberal scum as well as the dopeheads and video game / phone addicted beta males. they want a mother figure to take care of them rather than a partner for life. A creep like the one pictured above who stands their helpless while YOU crawl under the car is the wrong number for sure. never settle for anything less than you want. 

  4. I saw that article, and I thought it was a parody. (I liked the part about dropping "fixing things around the house," but my wife told me that's my job.)

    After I've ditched all the things that cause, or are caused by, toxic masculinity, I won't have anything left to do but sit on the beach and drink. (Hey! A win/win!)

  5. Ha ha ha! Really? I'm sure all the really cool, top alpha males are going to follow this losers advice! Really glad I am a baby boomer. I love my guns and '50's tv shows.

  6. One wonders what kind of young women will go for a metrosexual man.  My daughter didn't.  He can fix stuff and is a wonderful father.  My oldest son can cook and shoots competition on the weekends.  The other son is Air Force reserve, although he maintains passeneger jets, not fighters.  Women need men who will protect them, and their children, that is not going to change.

  7. Women hate Beta males like the devil!

    Lets face it hipster beta males end up together cuz no woman wants a man who runs away from everything and talks like …like like i feel like like i feel triggered screams and runs 4 a safe space as his GF(lets assume he could get one) gets raped and chopped to pieces in a horrible murder cuz anti-gunners have said repeatedly …they would rather get raped and murdered rather than pick up a gun!

    How many beta’s can’t change a tire or jump start a car something i did for my mom i was 5-6. I could drive any car,truck,tractor,boat at age 5 better than any adult cuz my dad was super good at anything and showed me things cuz i worked with him from sunrise to past sunset…and thought it was all fun and cool as Fudge!

  8. Do we get to cook burgers? I thought we had to cook squash, with a delightful bouillabaisse sauce and a garnish of parsley. Pairs well with fresh venison, provided by your local timber.


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