By Warren Lind
In the last couple of months America has witnessed three high-profile murders of women who were exercising or playing sports alone:

1.  Mollie Tibbetts.  A knife-wielding illegal alien raped and then murdered this Iowa coed as she jogged alone.
2.  Cella Barquin Aramaean.  This Iowa coed and golf star, while playing on a golf course alone, encountered a mentally ill, homeless man, who also had a knife.  Miss Arozamena came to America as an exchange student from Spain.  Sadly, she returned in a casket.
3.  Wendy K. Martinez.  This successful young woman, just engaged, stumbled into a cafe bleeding from stab wounds and died soon after.  The resident of Washington D.C. loved to run, but a knife-wielding homeless man probably high on drugs attacked her and police say killed her.  
If you Google “women jogger attacked,” you get 833,000 hits; including this one:  “More than half of female joggers under 30 have been harassed, often sexually, according to a Runner’s World report shared exclusively with the Daily News.”  

Meanwhile, at #Miles-for-Mollie,  “hundreds of women shared their experiences of being harassed and vowed to keep running as a show of defiance.”

Really?  As if violent predatory criminals could care about their “show of defiance!”
In my experience, most people typically have two world-views:  Those who recognize that evil exists in this world and those who don’t.

Unfortunately, too many on our world like to pretend that evil does not exist.  Some of us even call those people sheep.  

The sheep trivialize the risks in the world.  Not surprisingly, those people rely someone else (the police) to save them from danger, just like on TV and in Hollywood films.  

While in the perfect world,  women should be able to jog  anywhere, at any time, without concern for their safety.  However, the world, and the people therein, are not perfect.

A women’s cross country high school coach foolishly told a newspaper, “We shouldn’t have to arm ourselves against men who are making these decisions.  You teaching me how to throat-punch a guy is all well and good, but why do I need to be in the position to throat-punch a guy?”

Perhaps because that “guy” wants to use his size and strength to rape you, sodomize you and/or kill you?  

Clueless sheep like this high school coach live in a fantasy world bordering on delusional.  

Not only that, but these sheep make fun of those who acknowledge the existence of evil.  They mock our efforts to take prudent steps to avoid evil.  They call us paranoid, or even crazy.  

Of course, the mainstream media and most big city elected officials reinforce the Pollyanna view of the world.   

Even Murder City Mayor Rahm Emanuel tries to assure both residents and visitors that “Chicago is safe.”  

Other politicians from crime-ridden locales do the same.  Why?  Because when people don’t feel safe they tend to vote for candidates who promise law-and-order.  And we know which party stands for law-and-order and which stands for “alternatives” to the criminal justice system.

Starting early.
We should teach self-defense skills to every child beginning at an early age.  

How many parents put their kids through musical lessons or sports camps?  Yes, these young people learn how to play the violin or piano, or sing on key.  They might even learn how to shoot three-point shots or throw a curve ball.  

On the other hand, how many parents seek out  self-defense training for their kids?  Lessons where these young people could learn valuable, important and potentially life-saving skills that will stick with them for their entire lives.  

Just as swimming lessons can save lives, so too can self-defense training.

This training should start  with the mindset to never give up or surrender, and how to use situational awareness to avoid trouble.  Of course, physical skills will prove worthwhile as well.

Sex abuse education is just as important.  Even most adults don’t realize that kids face a greater risk of molestation from “trusted” extended family members than strangers offering free candy, ice cream or puppies.  And the risk of abuse from trusted non-family members such as coaches, priest/clergy,  teachers, or adult family friends or neighbors ranks higher still.

The late Abraham Maslow, Ph.D. was known as “the father of humanistic psychology”.  His ground-breaking ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ shows that physiological and safety needs are the most basic human needs.  “Maslow’s theory suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual will strongly desire (or focus motivation upon) the secondary or higher level needs.”

The bottom line is this:  self-defense stands as a fundamental human right that needs to be promoted all over the world.  

But ultimately, it needs to start at home with the people you love. 

2 thoughts on “The first step to staying safe: Recognizing that evil exists”
  1. Excellant article!  The fundemental right of self protection is the well spring from which all other rights flow.  There is no quality of life if it is endured in a state of insecurity.  We can wish that women and children were not the targets of predators but the fact is that they always have been and probably always will.  What we can do is give them training and survivial skills just like the author suggests.  What we can also do is equip them with Sam Colt's great equalizer.  Liberate them from fear and abuse.

  2. I believe I saw an article on this website or Gun News where a young couple stated their belief that "evil is a make-believe concept." That couple went to Tajikistan to go biking whereupon ISIS brutally murdered them. Idealism isn't reality.

    Signer Richard Henry Lee said "To preserve Liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them."

    Snowflakes have given up their heritage and they don't even know it.

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