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Hooligans brawling at a children's restaurant in Norridge, IL show a classic example of when law-abiding good guys and gals should drop their food and hit the nearest exit.  Seriously.  Don't worry about paying for the food or leaving a tip.  Just leave as quickly as possible before you or your loves ones become someone's firearm backstop.

Apparently "Go Bananas" is a lot like Chuck-E-Cheese in more ways than one.  Adults battled it out this past weekend in Norridge, IL, using all manner of expedient weapons against one another.  Frankly, it's a miracle someone illegally carrying a firearm didn't start shooting.


And now the city wants to close the joint down.  Because certain customers can't behave themselves in public.

FoxNews has the story:

A fight involving at least five adults at a restaurant for children was caught on camera this weekend, prompting many to demand that the kid-focused establishment be shut down.

In the recording at Go Bananas in Norridge, Ill., several adults are seen fighting each other near a dining table, which appears to be set up for a child’s birthday. Outside of the room, a banner reads “Happy Birthday.”

No one was arrested in the brawl, but the violent video has prompted the Norridge president to meet with the restaurant’s owner, FOX32 reported.

Of course nobody was arrested.  Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx wouldn't have followed through with felony charges.  Cook County is truly the Wild West.

…The president is not the only one outraged by the scene at the Chicago-area family amusement center. Thousands have taken to social media to demand Go Bananas be shut down. Nearly 4,000 have signed an online petition as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We have to come together as a community to do what we can to put an end to the amount of violence that is pouring into our neighborhoods, especially at a children's facility,” the petition reads.

The business has had a history of violence, the police chief told Chicago CBS.

“We’ve been there several times, multiple times,” Chief Disselhort said.

 How many times you ask?  About two or three times each month on average. 

Sounds like a great place to avoid.

But then again, cops get called to every Walmart in America far more often than that.  It's just that there usually aren't all-out battle royales in the aisles of Wally World on a routine basis.

3 thoughts on “A GOOD TIME TO LEAVE: Big fight at children’s restaurant in Norridge, IL (Cook County)”
  1. Let's call it what it is.  Black America has a cultural problem with violence and conflict resolution.  But let's blame white people and the police. 

  2. Why close the restaurant?  If we close every business where hooligans misbehave, we won’t have any businesses left.  Not even McDonalds or Denny’s.

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