Gun-loving patriots in LaSalle County are bringing in Mark Robinson to headline a gun rights rally on Saturday, Sept. 15th in Ottawa.  You might not remember the name, but you probably saw him deliver his "I am the majority" impromptu speech to the Greensboro, NC city council some time back.  It was arguably the best, unscripted pro-gun speech many of us have ever seen.  It earned Mr. Robinson national, if not international attention for his eloquent presentation.

If you missed it or need a refresher, here it is.

Well, he's coming to Ottawa, IL on Saturday evening, September 15th.  Yeah, there's a cover charge.  After all, someone had to fly this gentleman out from the Tar Heel state and put him up in a hotel.  Admission gets you food, entertainment and a chance to win a gun.  Plus, best of all, you'll get a chance to meet Mr. Robinson.  And I bet if you ask really nicely, he'll even let you pose for a picture with him.  Caution though:  If you share it on social media, that might trigger a gun-hating leftist or two.  It's funny how the civil right of self-defense can turn some ordinarily opinionated people into unhinged, frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics.

Lunatics like this one:


You should have heard the filth coming out of his sewer.  He wants to see gun owning women commit suicide by sticking their guns…  well, you get the idea. 

Or this sweetheart who thought about throwing those dog turds on me after her unhinged behavior literally scared the crap out of her trembling dog.  If there had not been a Bloomington Police squad car not six feet behind me, I'm convinced she would have done it too.  She became incensed over my sign that read, "ARMED GAYS DON'T GET BASHED!" 

"How dare you take our name in vane!" she screehed.  That was about the only sentence she spoke screamed without profanity.

Boston Women's March

Anyway, mark your calendars.  Saturday, September 15th in Ottawa.  Join your normal and well-balanced, everyday American fellow gun owners and enthusiasts to see Mark Robinson and other speakers promoting our right to keep and bear arms. 

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