Fat Cat Pritzker

JB Pritzer, who inherited $1.6 billion (with a ‘b’) from a hotel empire, has shown nothing but animosity towards gun rights for the little people.  While JB Pritzker has his armed security to protect his family, he opposes your right to own a gun to defend yours.  

Hostility towards gun rights
Just how radical is JB Pritzker when it comes to guns?

Well, in 1997, he floated the idea of a 100 percent tax on handguns and handgun ammunition.  In the same campaign, he voiced support for banning the sale of handguns entirely.  How elitist, right?

Pritzkers views on handgun ownership put him far outside of today’s rank-and-file Democrat voters and certainly outside the norm for all Americans.  

Today, he’s not (yet) repeated his earlier calls to ban handguns or tax them exorbitantly, but he has called for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines.  Of course, he also supports the long list of gun control proposals in the General Assembly this year.  In fact, JB Pritzker has not found one gun control proposal he does not support.

Awards for his support of gun control

While he has his armed security detail, he wants to leave your family defenseless.  And he's gotten awards for his gun grabbing.  He received an award along with the now late-Senator Ted Kennedy (of the “My gun has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car” fame) from the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Ownership.


JB also served as Chairman of an Advisory Board for ICHV as well.  And while he hit life’s lottery with his inheritance, he’s proved stingy putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to gun control.  Over seven years, he only donated a meager $101,000 to gun control groups through his foundation.  

Stingy Fat Cat Pritzker

Contrast those “donations” with the $106.5 million he’s poured into his campaign for Governor so far, which is more than Donald Trump spent nationwide in his entire Presidential primary campaign.  Not only that, but unlike Donald Trump, Pritzker’s companies have endured multiple labor disputes with workers.  Yeah, when it comes to his own money, Pritzker is hardly a fan of union workers.

JB Pritzker is in this race for JB Pritzker, no doubt about it.  He’s a rich fat cat who inherited a fortune and seeks still more power.

Fat Cat Rich

While ordinary Illinoisans struggle to make ends meet and raise their families, JB Pritzker busies himself at cocktail parties and black-tie events with his private, armed security in tow.  He understands our struggles about as much as most of us understand Navajo Codetalkers.

22 thoughts on “Rich Fat Cat JB Pritzer HATES Your Guns”
  1. Guys that picture is what a Fat Cat Communist looks like. Not only does he want your guns, he wants to raise your taxes. 

    Every chance i get i tell people to vote republican. I even did so today.

    I hope the rest of you do the same.

  2. Why are you picking on JB?  Just send him some jelly donuts every morning and watch him have a heart attack in a year or two!  Looks like he's already had a few of them, along with chocolate cake and Big Macs.

  3. I surely hope we can flush this guy.  After all, we don't want to keep him away from all those fancy dinners, cocktail parties and whatever else it is that the super rich and super arrogant like to do in their plentiful free time.  I might be able to respect him if he actually earned a billion dollars.  Just because mom and dad left you a pile of money doesn't make you smart.  Or give you character.  Or integrity. I can tell he has none of the above by his stance on guns.

  4. Just think how many people will have an additional incentive to leave Illinois when JB teams up with Madigan? 

    Taxes?  Yes, please. 

    Guns?  Just bring them in.  

    As many things as Rauner has done that I didn't like, I will hold my nose and vote for him again over JB.  Things can always get lots worse than thay are now and JB can prove it for you.

    1. Israel:

      The spam filter automatically corrals posts with more than one link.  If you have multiple links in any comment, limit them to one each over two or more comments.

    1. I have posted links to 2 other video's that came from the Rauner Campaign but they are waiting moderation. I hope they will be up soon.

      However… if this violates posting for this site, Please correct. 

      Thank You  

  5. All the money in the world and he can't take better care of himself than that?  Darwin is looking for him.  Greedy narcissist.

  6. The issue is simple; "We must vote. if we want change" 

    I have provided several links today for video's of JB Pritzker. I ask that each and every one of you share these video's or other information about JB and why we need to stop his take over of Illinois. 

    This is more than guns, its about  our  families and the future of our state. 

    Thank You 

    1. A question. Even with a drastic turn around at this point do you ever think all the financial problems this state will be corrected? I myself would say it's doubtful and I'm quite sure that this is why so many people are leaving Illinois.

    2. Currently it is doubtful Illinois will come out of its financial problems without real change in the make-up of the general Assembly.

      Illinois currently spends $4.6 Billion a year on illegal immigration. Since 2000 – 2016 Illinois has added 4,709 pages of laws and thousands of pages of rules and regulations driving Business out of the State. Since 2000, Due to the tax and regulatory burden Illinois has lost 313,800 jobs. 

      Illinois needs budget and pension reform, meaningful workers compensation reform and tax reform. 

      JB wants to raise income taxes another 20%. There is a plan to raise property taxes to pay for our pension issues. Currently Illinois property taxes average 2.67% and the plan would raise it to an average of 3.67% of assess value 

      None of this can be done as long as Madigan and his Chicago buddies want to run Illinois in to the Ground. 

      Voting out the problem is the only way I know of to fix the problem; but that means an informed voter. 

      Personally i am not looking to leave but I dont see Illinois as a nice place to live. 

      Thank You for your question. 

  7. I am no Rauner fan, but I will hold my nose and try to keep my guns.   I am also considering leaving the state soon, same as thousands of others are doing.  My taxes are more than the cost of my house every month.

  8. Seamus what is happening to you is just, wrong!

    I have heard stories of people that are paying more in property tax every year than what they originally paid for a  house and Farm.  

    I tell people that Rauner is not the best choice and if we need to hold our nose and vote for him its better than JB and Madigan.

    I tell people we need to DUMP the DEMOCRATS; Its more than just guns its our families Future 

  9. I haven’t. Heard anything  bad about  Dick Durbin —— has anybody ever listened to him  ?  This guy ought to  camp out with   B J.    O.  I mean JB  they’re. Both about. A clew less. As anybody  I’ve  ever seen.    I can’t  believe that  seemingly normal  people can and do believe  the garbage these  2 guys  say.    AND. Now. There is some that will  actually  put a  JB sighn in there yard !!!!  If I was stupid enough to believe this crap  I sure wouldn’t   Tell everybody how dumb I am !!!!

    1. Dick Durbin is anti-gun and he also voted for public law 107 – 296 Nov 25, 2002.

      That is the law the left is claiming Trump is using to separate children from their parents. Bush, Obama and now Trump were ALL required under law to enforce the law.

      The law was meant to protect children from exploitation. 

       Then US Senators Clinton, Biden Feinstein, Boxer, and Kerry ALL voted for the bill. Yet they are attacking Trump for a bill voted on by Democrats


  10. FYI – Current Numbers and names

    Rauner Donor (Top 25) 
    Bruce Rauner $95,276,000.00 Dec 20, 2016
    Kenneth Griffin $36,089,295.18 Dec 21, 2017
    Republican Governors Association $8,700,500.00 Feb 17, 2015
    Illinois Republican Party $3,593,644.53 Mar 09, 2018
    Richard Uihlein $2,605,300.00 Dec 30, 2014
    Target Enterprises $745,655.00 Oct 01, 2014
    Elizabeth Christie $405,300.00 Oct 09, 2014
    Edgar Jannotta, Jr. $400,000.00 Sep 02, 2014
    Illinois Manufacturers Association $360,000.00 Nov 03, 2014
    Donald Edwards $305,300.00 Jun 19, 2018
    Glen Tullman $280,300.00 Oct 07, 2014
    Kent Dauten $280,300.00 Jun 29, 2018
    Digital Greensigns $269,942.85 Jun 12, 2018
    Illinois State Medical Society PAC $250,209.60 Oct 10, 2014
    Paul Singer $250,000.00 Sep 23, 2014
    MacLean-Fogg Company $226,599.63 Sep 11, 2014
    Alpine Bancorporation, Inc. $223,599.50 Oct 16, 2014
    Manufacturers PAC $215,000.00 Oct 24, 2014
    William Kunkler $205,300.00 Feb 06, 2018
    Joe Mansueto $205,300.00 May 23, 2014
    Cash on Hand $39,458,106.40

    Sam McCann Top 25 Donors (since announcing for Governor)
    IUOE Engineers Political Education Committee $100,000.00 May 16, 2018
    Construction & General Laborers' Dist Council $58,900.00 Mar 19, 2018
    I.U.O.E. LOCAL 150 $58,500.00 Apr 16, 2018
    Cash on Hand $292,325.58

    JB Pritzker Top 25 Donors
    JB Pritzker $106,500,034.95 May 31, 2018
    Matthew Pritzker $250,000.00 Jun 22, 2018
    Liz Lefkofsky $50,000.00 Jun 18, 2018
    Illinois Education Association $42,486.22 Jun 15, 2018
    Jon Ballis $15,000.00 Jun 22, 2018
    Berkley Net $9,419.00 Feb 27, 2018
    Office Depot $3,621.67 Mar 19, 2018
    MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc. $2,970.31 Nov 20, 2017
    Best Buy $2,775.76 Mar 13, 2018
    Networking Technologies & Support, Inc. $1,404.00 Jul 01, 2017
    The Tremont Hotel $1,162.67 Jul 19, 2017
    Matthew Lindberg $1,149.60 Aug 31, 2017
    Michael Alter $1,000.00 May 24, 2018
    Treasurer of the City of Chicago $1,000.00 Sep 12, 2017
    Steven Collens $1,000.00 May 25, 2018
    Mitchel Greenberg $1,000.00 May 24, 2018
    Harley Korman $1,000.00 Jun 11, 2018
    White Elephant Hotel $770.73 Jul 17, 2017
    ComEd $760.19 Jan 16, 2018
    Kara Zubo $697.77 Sep 19, 2017
    Cash on Hand $38,468,525.62

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