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By Mike Keleher

Come on man. Seriously?

A thousand human beings have been shot in Chicago from January to the end of May in 2018. To be completely precise 1071 were shot and 200 killed…but I think the point here is "Who is counting, and who is caring about this?"

Does anybody outside of Cook County and the victim's families really care? The Chicago Tribune published a single story and a couple of local papers re-published versions-but that was about it.

No media events with the mayor, no CNN live remotes, no MSNBC (are they even still on the air?), no liberal outrage. Just shooting and bleeding as usual in Chicago. I guess since the city is Democratic controlled it is not open to criticism for this year long shooting gallery for criminals. Imagine if there were a Republican mayor-holy cow! Or if the media could somehow blame Donald Trump in some bizarro twisted way..why that would be big news!

Some statistics may show 1000 to be an improvement over last years similar time frame-but still, a thousand people shot? Isn't that an epidemic? A thousand cases of the measles would surely be cause for alarm and public outcry. Why that measles thing could be serious! I don't want my kids to catch the measles even by accident, we need to do something about that!

Imagine the normally imprecise marksmanship involved with street crime that resulted in 1000 people being hit and surviving-three to four times that number may have been shot at and missed. That is an outrageous number of shootings concentrated in areas generally in the south side of the city and generally involve criminals shooting criminals. But they are still people. reports June is ticking along in similar style with 20 killed and 95 wounded in the first 12 days of the month. They also show for the year someone is shot on average in the city every 3 hours and 22 minutes and someone is killed every 17 hours and 23 minutes.

With President Trump's historic meeting with Kim Jong Un and helping the North and South Koreans to formally end the Korean War in 2018, maybe he could stop off in Chicago on his way home and garner some peace accords on the south side.

8 thoughts on “1000 People Shot in Chicago in First 5 Months of 2018”
  1. The Democrats – leftist only care about power. Dead people are nothing more than a talking point for Democrat – leftist power grabs. 

    The Democrats – leftist are attacking Trump for trying to make peace with North Korea.

    The Democrats – leftist are also attacking Trump for criticizing Canada for its loop-side trade agreements with the USA. (example) Canada has a 256%  tariff on US dairy products. Trump wants to balance this out.

    And why is JB Priztker not setting in a jail cell, beside Hot Rod Blagojevich. (Listen to the tapes) 

    The Democrats – leftist can not be trusted and they certainly do not deserve our votes. 

    If the Democrats – leftist cared about the people we would be repealing the gun control laws like the FOID card nonsense and restoring the checks and balances between the good people and the bad guys.

    Democrats stink. 




  2. Hey, on the bright side, at least the dumbocrats are now turning on and devouring their once-savior, Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton! 

    When a dumbcrat outlives his POWER run, he is dispensable. 

    The left is SLAYING ol' slickmeister Willie! 

    I must say, it is a damned fine sight to see!

    Now when will they turn on Hitlary? 

  3. Summer’s heating up.  228 dead and almost 1200 wounded if I remember my Hey Jackass numbers from today.

  4. And what  do they do. They publish a. BOOK.  On the gangs in Chicago  way to go tiny dancer 

  5. As long as the deceased are still able to vote democrat, not much is going change.

  6. They shot a beautiful 12 year old girl today. What a shame     Maybe Tiny Dancer.  Will publish a book of the people. He has allowed those gang members to kill .     And say they don’t know who did it.   Well look in the gang book. HIS. Picture is in THAT book  !!!!

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