My Friday morning became more complicated when I noticed flat tires on the driver's side of my van.  Seems one or more people targeted my vehicle and decided to puncture the tires with a sharp, round tool in the dead of night.  Cowards.


Given nobody else with cars outside had flats in my immediate neighborhood, I can't help but think this attack had something to do with my pro-gun advocacy work.  After all, my neighbors and I all get along well and we like one another.  What's more, anti-gunners have (and continue) to resort to felony criminal damage against Guns Save Life's highway signs.  If radical gun haters are willing to commit felonies along busy interstates, why would they hesitate to commit criminal damage in the dead of night in a quiet neighborhood?

Bloomington Police came out and took a report. 


Later, I found two puncture holes in the middle of the front tire and another pair of in the rear tire.  All of the punctures happened on the "top" of the tire under the fender as the van was parked. 


Front tire, post pllugging. 

After fixing the front tire, I heard hissing from the rear.  Sure enough.


Rear tire.

I see a surveillance camera system in my future.

18 thoughts on “BULLIES ARE COWARDS: GSL Executive Director’s Tires Punctured In Dead of Night”
  1. Sorry to see this John. Typical though, cowards always go with attacking something weaker than themselves.

  2. The person or persons who did this have no obvious moral value nor a fear of God. He, she or they most likely will not hesitate to do something worse to someone else. But you already know this. Hopefully, this won't happen again. Stay safe.

  3. sorry about that.  Might want to set a trap of some kind. I learned quite a bit about booby traps in the army   Hhhhhuuuummmmm 

    1. Sorry to learn that your innocent vehicle became the victim of someone who chose to annomously strike during the dark of the night.  Yes, Coward would be an accurate descripton of the perpetrator.

      CAUTION!  Any type of "Booby trap" which would iinflict injury most likely would bring charges against the person who had set the trap.

      I'm thinking that a security survelience system would be a wiser choice.

  4. Several states allow for the defense of property as a reason for lethal force. Honestly,  it should be an amendment to the Constitution 

  5. I have not put a GSL bumper sticker on my vehicle for this exact reason.  Maybe it is time to get one, and show people who we are?   Then we will find out who are friends really are.

    1. You have to make sure the pigs are good and hungry.  It has been a lot of years ago near Cayuga Indiana a man's wife and her girlfriend killed the husband and fed him to the hogs.  Would have worked except the hogs left a couple fingers which the police ID'ed.   Jim.

  6. So I wonder what is next….will these cowards attack us if we are walking down the street wearing an NRA hat and in a worse case scenario should such an attack  occur and the end result is a lethal force response to repel the threat…so my question would  be given the current anti-gun environment we are living in today in many areas of the country ……would wearing pro gun attire such as hats or T shirts or even bumper stickers on your vehicle be considered as provocation in the eyes of a 'liberal' prosecutor or judge…as most if not all licensed concealed carriers know or should know that if you provoke an attack you almost always loose your right to self defense at least in the 'eyes of the law'…..there is a fantatsic book written by Massad Ayoob …."DeadlyForce….Understanding your right to Self Defense"…I would encourage everyone to read it…..stay safe out there.

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