While pulling a shotgun from behind the bar and popping off a round into the ceiling might have played well in the Wild West, today it does not go over well with authorities.  You would think even an idiot would know this.  As we have been told, Marty Moylan – the gun control advocate serving in the Illinois General Assembly – had to learn this the hard way.   Chicago's liquor licensing folks reportedly revoked his liquor license for his establishment, Marty's Ragtime Bar, after repeated incidents of the someone there (Marty himself?) firing off his shotgun into the ceiling to break up disputes. 

That's right:  And old acquaintance of Marty from back in his union electrician days told us about Marty's bar and his shotgun kept behind the counter.  Chicago's liquor inspectors didn't have much of a sense of humor about the repeated discharging of a shotgun in a liquor establishment – during business hours.  Eventually, we were told, Chicago pulled the liquor license for Marty's Ragtime and the place shuttered.  Probably just as well.

Could his behavior that reportedly caused the closure of his neighborhood watering hole be part of the reason Marty Moylan hates law-abiding gun owners?  After all, progressive Democrat Marty Moylan has he earned his reputation as a reliable vote for gun control on the law-abiding.  He also likes to introduce gun control measures himself.  Like the bill to add $75 or $100 to the price of a FOID card and CCW license applications AND renewals.  And the bill to ban most semi-auto firearms.  

Could it be Marty thinks other people are like him when it comes to gun ownership – reckless and irresponsible?  Does he think gun owners are nothing more than a bad day away from going berserk with a gun?  Or an minor barfight from pulling a shotgun?



6 thoughts on “Did Marty Moylan lose his liquor license after firing a shotgun at Marty’s Ragtime Bar one too many times?”
  1. I shudder to think of the accelerated exodus of good people from this state if lame-brain's proposal becomes law.  They aren't Democrat voters though, so they won't care…  until Il goes bankrupt like California.

  2.    That is the way liberals think, they know they can't be trusted so they believe no one can be trusted.  I remember a story I read about IIRC a democratic representitive from NYC that had been mugged.  She said while the mugger was running away with her purse she would have shot him if she had a gun.  Therefore no one should be able to carry because all the muggers would be shot.   Jim.

  3. Is this story real?

    Did this idiot actually shoot into the ceiling? 

    Do you realize how much damage you can cause shooting the ceiling with a 12 ga shotgun! 

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