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Gun sales on Black Friday set a new record in America.  Last year's flurry of gun purchases startled a whole lot of observers, and this year, demand was expected to be high, but not as high as last year.  Perhaps it was the great sales by retailers that had stocked up anticipating a Hillary victory dumping their stocks.  In any event, gun owners bought 368 more than last year for a total of almost 186,000 guns purchased on a single day.  

Nice job, everyone!

From Breitbart:

The number of background checks for gun purchases performed on Black Friday 2016 broke the record for Black Friday background checks as well as the overall single day record.

On December 1, 2015, Breitbart News reported that Black Friday 2015 set a Black Friday and overall single day record with 185,345 checks in a 24-hour period. But FBI numbers for November 25, 2016 show that the number of background checks performed on Black Friday 2016 surpassed the 2015 record by a few hundred checks.

According to Business Insider, “the FBI processed 185,713 background checks” on Black Friday 2016.

On November 26, 2016, Breitbart News reported that gun stores were witnessing lines outside their doors that wrapped around the corner. These lines were a welcome sight to store owners who wondered if Hillary Clinton’s defeat might negatively impact gun sales. After all, fears of more gun control had driven gun sales to new highs over the past 18 months and Clinton’s defeat removed gun control fears for all intents and purposes.

But store owners in many locations reported larger crowds on Black Friday 2016 than they had witnessed on Black Friday 2015. And they learned that discounts had a positive draw on customers (versus the negative draw derived from fear). CNN Money quoted Rick Reyes, “manager of LI Outdoorsman, a gun store in Rockville Centre on Long Island, New York,” who said shoppers came in for “discounts of 10% to 50%” rather than “politics.”


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  1. This is just one step in a long long Journey. In FOUR YEARS it will be civil war because these persons "WHO WANTED HOPE AND CHANGE " upon all of us.

    Will not take "CHANGE TO HOPE". for all of us.

  2. I didn't buy one.  I bought two.  One for each of my kids.

    I would have bought one for each of the grandkids, but Mrs. Whittemore might have been a little grouchy if I had.


  3. ….and the battle lines will be urban vs rural….. pretty much the 146 "blue" counties vs the other 3000 "red" counties thru out the country as depicted on your 2016 national elections map… will devisive to say the least….since there is no tactical or strategic advantage for those of us in the "red"counties to advance upon those in the "blue" counties we will none the less need to be prepared to take up a defensive posture as hoards of fleeing refugees try to escape into the surrounding countryside much like you hear in the news about current events in many of the 3rd world countries that are mired in civil war…..then when all the food and fuel run out that's when the "warlords" and gangs will invade into the "red" counties looking for resources ie. food, fuel, medicines etc… prepared are we?….that is a good question….how will we form up militia's? ….a good topic for discussion since the concept of militia's comes up in the many discussions on second amendment rights….perhaps it will be survivalist groups that are scattered across the country who will provide  the catalyst  to galvanize local populations with their leadership and guidance…..perhaps grass roots pro gun organizations such as GSL  and many others will organize into militias…..anyway…food for thought….SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLEM, 

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