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From Breitbart:

According to The Independent Journal’s congressional reporter Joe Perticone, the man holding the camera in the video below is a journalist. Perticone writes, “Secret Service agent choke slams reporter. ” The video doesn’t show that, but it does show this reporter kicking the agent from an apparent defensive position.

Nevertheless, once whatever happened between the two men is over, and both are standing, watch the reporter suddenly reach out and grab the Secret Service agent’s throat.

Perticone reports that this happened at Donald Trump’s Monday afternoon campaign rally in Virginia.

CNN reports that the reporter is Time photographer Chris Morris, who claims he was “assaulted first” and that he will not press charges.

Well, Mr. Time Magazine photographer, here’s a reminder since you’ve been hanging out with Black Lives Matter for too long:  it’s NEVER okay to go hands on with a police officer.

The agent showed remarkable restraint for not putting this guy down for the count.




UPDATE:  Patching together various sources, the Time photo stepped outside of the press pen, was told to return.  He said, “F*ck you” to the Secret Service Agent.  He was thrown to the ground, and when he came up, then put his hands on the agent.  He was “detained” and released.  No word on charges.

“I never touched him,” Morris told Andersen. “I tried to show the press lead what he did to me, and I said he choked me, so I put my hand on him, and that’s when I was arrested,” he said.

The moment reportedly started after Morris said “fuck you” to the guard after being blocked.

17 thoughts on “FELONY STUPID: Grabbing a U.S. Secret Service agent around the neck… UPDATE: “Detained” and then released”
  1. I can’t believe he skated out of there without wearing handcuffs. It looked as though he was being crappy with the agent while he was on the ground. THe agent let him up and then the a-hole grabbed the agent by the throat. That’s assaulting a federal agent. Enjoy the felony conviction, dirtbag.

  2. Sometimes it’s probably better to just escort him out then cuff him instead of worrying about bystanders getting involved.

  3. Some one please update us and let us know that the idiot was charged. I’ll be sorely disappointed if he wasn’t.

    Compliments to the SS agent. He handled the idiot very well, and sure kept HIS cool, unlike the loser.

  4. Easy, girls.

    The videographer who shot that short says the confrontation was OVER by the time the photog merely DEMONSTRATED for the SS agent and others standing nearby HOW the agent had grabbed him.

    So, the one witness to this says it was NOT an attack.

    Quit publishing BS.

    1. You know, Ken, your drill has grown very tiresome. His “demonstration” warranted another slam to the floor at the least.

    2. True, if you look at the article by Time magazine, you’ll see that the secret service agent attacked him because Chris was outside of the pen trying to take pictures of the Black Lives Matter protesters at the Trump speech. When Chris made the hand gesture on the secret service personnel’s neck, it was to demonstrate how Chris was taken down earlier. Obviously, if anyone was taken down with a neck hold, I’m sure you’ll be surprised and angry.

    3. It doesn’t matter. Putting your hand on someone’s neck is an extremely aggressive gesture, especially so just after a physical melee.

      The photographer just got a free lesson in how the real world works and is lucky to be out of jail and in one piece.

  5. This is the world Obama wants. Where all law enforcement agencies are the whipping boys. No charges? Are you kidding me. Can you imagine the way this country would be if he had another term, or if Hillary gets elected? The entire country would be a free fire zone. Imagine the USA being like Chicago, that is where we are headed if another Democrat becomes the Potus. Wake up America, I am tired of the criminals, thugs, savages and other democratic liberals having their way with this country. Time to take it back and let common sense and reason rule again. Hillary met with the black “victims” of police violence to show her support. How does she feel about the record number of police officers killed so far this year? No comment. Do you really want that as the President?

  6. If Trump is our nominee, Hillary is what we might end up with. The Romney effect could visit us all again. Already a lot of people saying that they just won’t vote if Trump is the man. Is that really what we want folks?

    1. I’ll bet that the majority of those people who “won’t vote for Trump” wouldn’t vote, anyway.

      Trump is going to steamroll this thing and get to work fixing America. As a supporter of his I’m letting you know that you are welcome into the fold once you see the light.

    2. No, they would be the millions similar to 2012, who would have voted, except for Romney.

      Too bad most people won’t “see the light” until after he would be elected, and then goes back to his true beliefs.

      Have you done any real research on him, to see how liberal all of he beliefs are/were? You don’t think it is just a coincidence that ALL of those beliefs “changed” right when he wanted to run for POTUS?

  7. So it looks like trump. Will win. It looks like HILLARY will win. So the republicans. Stay. Home ,, won’t vote for Trump. And HILLARY Wins. —— now what you gonna do ,? Give her your gun ????

  8. I still think a lot of the anti-Trump frenzy sounds quite a bit like the anti-Reagan frenzy in 1980.

    I’m not saying Trump=Reagan, but there are some similarities, and there was a large number of people in 1980 who said Reagan would be a disaster, that they would stay home or vote for Carter rather than vote for Reagan, etc…

    Time will tell, but at the very least, Trump is much less likely to push for any kind of gun ban or put ultra-leftist judges on the Supreme Court who would overturn Heller or McDonald. Hillary would do both, Sanders would do at least one of those things.

  9. My issue with Trump is that I don’t have any idea what he will do if elected. None. That’s frightening. That so many Americans who love this country are willing to blindly put their trust for the very survival of our liberty in a man who treats his run for the Presidency like a reality show is even more frightening.

    1. but could you actually bring yourself to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton?

      And voting for a 3rd party candidate is the same as voting for Hillary. (one possible 3rd party candidate is likely to be Bloomberg anyway)

      If you watched his press conference after last night’s primaries, his tone is different now.. he sounds presidential. He still teased Rubio a little but was very gracious towards Cruz, congratulating him for winning Texas and Oklahoma. He’s definitely turned his sights on Hillary though at this point.

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