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Gangsters and criminals in Chicago busied themselves with the warmer weather this weekend, pushing the 2016 year to date numbers up to 102 homicides and 484 shot.

Now, that conflicts with ABC7 claiming only 95 homicides.  Here’s what the Second City Cop says about the 7 corpse discrepancy.

Quite frankly, we trust more than the Department (which has every reason to lie) and certainly more than Channel 7 (who wants “access” and has proven time and again that they’ll toe Rahm’s line to get it).

Want to know just how out of control Chicago has become?

Here’s what happened just this weekend courtesy of Hey

The Weekend’s Stupidity

Nothing to See Here Folks... Naked Gun

1997 was the last time Chicago put up 100+ homicides in the first two months of the year, and that year wrapped up with 761. Nothing to see here folks…

Final Stupidity Tally: 2 killed, 26 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 0 killed, 5 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 6 killed, 5 wounded

(Editor:  Fatalities in bold)

Friday 2/26
12:30p 100 W 95th, Roseland, M/35
2:55p 2100 W Cermak, Lower W Side, M/16
4:25p 8900 S Morgan, Washington Heights, M/24
9:45p 3800 S Princeton, Armour Square, F/30
10:00p 1100 S Whipple, North Lawndale, F/19
10:00p 1100 S Whipple, North Lawndale, F/21
10:00p 1100 S Whipple, North Lawndale, M/26
10:10p 600 S Trumbull, Garfield Park, M/19 (selfie)
11:55p 8300 S Colfax Ave, South Chicago, M/36
Saturday 2/27
12:30a 3900 W Madison, Garfield Park, M/27
1:30p 5700 S Winchester, Englewood, M/41
1:30p 5700 S Winchester, Englewood, M/48
2:30p 7300 S Jeffery, South Shore, M/17 (junk)
3:45p 900 W 85th, Auburn Gresham, M/?
3:45p 900 W 85th, Auburn Gresham, F24
4:00p 8300 S Ada, Auburn Gresham, M/24
4:45p 2400 S Sacramento, Little Village, M/22
5:30p 3700 W 13th, North Lawndale, F/19
9:00p 4800 W Barry, Belmont Cragin, M/22
9:25p 5000 W Thomas, Austin, M/17
10:20p 7300 S Sangamon, Englewood, M/21
Sunday 2/28
12:55a 2800 N Oak Park, Montclare, F/21
1:35a 1200 S Springfield, North Lawndale, M/39
2:20a 7900 S East End, South Chicago, M/17
4:00a 9500 S Lafayette, Roseland, M/30
A Very Special Anniversary.
(A year since a day without a shooting or homicide).

2:50p 6700 S Claremont, Chicago Lawn, M/20
4:50p 1700 N Kedzie, Humboldt Park, M/26
7:30p 1100 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, F/24

A majority of those “victims” have extensive criminal records, gang affiliations and are members of America’s criminal class themselves.   That doesn’t mean it’s okay that they’ve been injured or killed.  At the same time, we’ll continue to see more of this until Chicago gets serious about dealing with criminal violence by putting armed, violent offenders in prison for extended terms.

5 thoughts on “MURDER CITY, USA: Chicago at 102 homicides, 484 shot”
  1. That’s not going to happen. Putting them away would lessen the Democratic voter base and force politicians to actually work on criminal reform instead of lip service to the anti-gun crybabies.

  2. I don’t think we had 482 soldiers shot in two months of fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan…

    You know, the KKK would be proud of what the black community is doing to itself in Chicago.

    And for decades, the Democrat machine running the city has done nothing but blame the good guys for the violence in the city.

  3. Nobody got shot at GSL’s Chicago meetup?

    How could that be? Especially with all those guns around!

  4. That’s what Rahm told us! It’s the easy access to guns that causes Chicago’s famous violence!

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