X Products manufactures stupidly expensive magazines and other accessories for AR-platform rifles and also M-14ss and others.  Company owner James Malarkey might know widgets, but he doesn’t understand gun rights or marketing in the gun world.

In an interview with a reporter from CNN, he advocated trading gun and magazine owner licensing to make the general public rest easier with his products on the market.


(CNN) – X-Products of Nashville, Tenn., makes 50-round drums that sell for up to $360 and fit onto AR-15s and other military-style rifles like the FN FAL. Some of the drums are “skeletonized” with a cage-style casing instead of solid metal, so the shooter can see how many bullets remain.

X-Products co-owner James Malarkey said he sells 10,000 magazines per year. But why would anybody want to own one?

“For the shooter, it’s fun,” he said. “You can go out, you can shoot multiple rounds, you don’t have to do a magazine change, and it’s bragging rights to your friends.”

Malarkey realizes that not everyone associates the gun drums with good times.  He admits that the general public might rest easier if government agencies develop a licensing system to make sure the owners are law abiding people.

“Instead of outright banning it, allow people to have some kind of licensing,” he said. “I think it would weed out a lot of crime.”


James Malarkey.  His last name couldn’t be more appropriate.

  • : foolish words or ideas

If you have the misfortune of working for this foolish man, then today’s a great day to dust off the resume and start applying for a new job.

James Malarkey just Zumbo’d himself.

1.) A person who speaks from ignorance.
2.) A person who has his head buried so far up his ass he can’t see the truth.
See that Zumbo over there, he used to be a well known outdoor writer until he pissed off the masses with some ignorant statement about banning guns.
10 thoughts on “CORPORATE SUICIDE: Gun mag maker X PRODUCTS owner suggests mag licensing, says it would weed out crime”
  1. I think if I somehow had an irrational hair up my back end to buy a $300 magazine, it won’t be anything from X Products. Hell, for that sort of money, I’d expect it to be more like XXX Products, if you know what I mean.

  2. $360 for a skeletonized mag? Didn’t the French try that in WW I? In their chauchet (sp?).

    Mr. Malarkey can stick his attitudes about gun control, and his insanely expensive mags firmly up his ass.

  3. What kind of cosmic bunny hole did this wing-nut crawl up out of?
    Has he been smoking too much of that wacky-t-backy?
    How could this knucklehead have stayed in business as long as he has?

    And of course, of all the self-proclaimed news outlets in this country, somehow this idiot is espousing to CNN’s viewership, all 6 of them, that some of these gun-nuts are just that, nuts. “Hell, he don’t even know whose side he’s suppose to be on.”

    His brain-fart might end up being the demise of his business.
    Seriously, 10,000 magazines a year at about $300.00 dollars each.
    Hmm, that’s $3,000,000 million dollars! Everyone and their brother knows 50 round drums can be bought for less than a $100.00 each. If his customers ever catch winds that these same drums can be purchased at a firearm’s dealer in Bishopville Maryland at $84.99 each. Personally, I find it hard to believe he sells 10,000 magazines a year. I mean really, his name is Malarkey.

  4. Did you by any chance contact X-Products for their side of the story? I did, because I was also appalled by the quotation. I received the following in response. I had never heard of the company before, and living in CT I won’t be able to purchase their product any time soon, but here is their response:

    First and Foremost our company does not believe in licensing or restricting the sale of High Cap.

    Mr Malarkey was interviewed about several items in a long discussion during Shot Show and CNN has taken two very out of context answers to multiple questions. Then they broke them up and spliced it into something that cleverly seems to favor some kind of support for their premise.

    Mr Malarkey regrets having ever discussed/interviewed with CNN at all, and will not do so in the future. This is clearly not a position X Products believes is rational or viable.

    We support the 2nd amendment rights of all citizens and are already saddled with bans of our products in multiple states now, we would not support any further limitations.

    Dewey Akers
    VP of Sales & Operations

    1. First, James Malarkey, and then Dewey Akers? Is this actually a story out of the Onion?
      What a crew!

    2. Hey Dewey: Don’t piss on us and call it dew, okay?

      Mr. Dumbass Malarkey ran his pie hole and said some unbelievably stupid things. And now, because we don’t like spending our money on gun companies that advocate for gun control measures, we’re not buying anymore of your overpriced, jacked-up feces. Why don’t you merge with Troy Industries. You guys would be right at home. While you’re at it, you can hire Jody Weis to train, Lon Horiuchi to be your “half-minute of nursing mother” spokesperson and Mr. Zumbo to write your press releases.

      Jackasses, all of ’em.

  5. $360 for a magazine? I have several guns I paid less for than that… (and no, they aren’t Hi-Points) 🙂

    I’ll stick with my regular 30-rd mags, thank you.

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