(Guns Save Life) –  Buyer beware:  When it comes to gun purchases, “Universal Background Checks” (UBC) are nothing more than a false advertising scam to defraud you of your liberty.

“Universal Background Checks” are promoted to well-meaning Americans as a means to stop bad people from buying guns.  In reality, all states already require these for guns sold at stores or from gun dealers.


Universal Background Checks are nothing more than a code phrase for banning private sales of guns between law-abiding Americans. 

Just like selling gold coins, Bibles or baseball cards, selling a gun to another person is 100% legal in every state.   These new “universal background checks” would ban those private sales – without first asking the government’s permission and registering that sale in government databases.

Michael Bloomberg is spending tens of millions of dollars to manipulate whose who don’t know any better into supporting these “checks” in binding ballot referendums in a growing number of states.

Mark Twain once wrote that it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

Bloomberg’s millions make this scheme sound harmless to the average voter, as it did to Washington State residents in 2014.

Voters there approved that measure by a 20 point margin, but when they learned about the fine print, residents were furious.

Washington State residents discovered that merely handing a gun to another person to examine it is now a felony crime.  They can’t even legally even hold onto a buddy’s gun while he crosses a fence-line while hunting in the Evergreen State.  Taking “possession” of a loaner handgun in a gun safety course in that state is also now a crime thanks to the newly passed law.

Let your friends know that “Universal Background Checks” are false advertising.  Let them know about Bloomberg’s efforts to manipulate people.  Help us help people understand the truth so we will all be better, smarter citizens.

The progressive thing to do would be to oppose racist, classist, sexist gun control laws and other government control schemes.  We need to progress toward a future of freedom and not a system that reenacts past tyrannies.

9 thoughts on “DON’T BE A FOOL: Shining the light of truth on the “Universal Background Check” Scam”
  1. “Mark Twain once wrote that it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

    Isn’t that kind of what the whole Trump campaign is about?

    Don’t look at my decades of supporting Democrats and liberal causes.
    Don’t look at the illegals that get hired at my properties.
    Don’t look at anything I’ve done in the past, even recent past.
    Just listen to what I am saying now.

    1. Do you mean Donald Trump’s campaign?

      Or what the establishment GOP for the last thirty years or more?


    2. Both.

      The establishment GOP is a joke, and so is the Dem party. Trump has shoveled boatloads of money to all of them over the years. Now he’s going to pretend like he’s not associated with them? Gimme a break.

      His performance at the last debate was an embarrassment. He’s got nothing other than his same talking points. If anyone challenges him, his response is to call them names. The whole thing is based on “I know you are, but what am I?”
      I thought we left that behind in elementary school.

      As I’ve said before, if you really want a non-establishment type, then the only real choice is Cruz. He has been there only three years, and has spent most of that time fighting against the establishment. Hence, they don’t like him very well.

      What instances can be cited as far as Trump ever opposing any of the establishment crap in the past? Personally, I can’t think of a one.

    3. Ted Cruz –
      -Definitely NOT establishment GOP.
      -Also not Trump.
      -Long, well established history of tirelessly fighting for our Constitutional Rights, with special emphasis on the 2A.

      Trump still trumps Hitlery, but I’d rather Cruz into a new era with my fellow patriots if given the choice.

  2. Folks, every scheme of gun grabbers is a scam!

    And like Obama, so often they preface their remarks with, “I support your Second Amendment rights…” Just like Barack Obama, Little Dick Durbin… and Mark Kirk, just to name a few.


  3. Dear Readers,

    There are numerous problems with the upcoming 2016 Maine Universal Background Check (UBC) Referendum. Below is a partial list of the consequences of this gun control proposal.

    1. The fact is that this would take away freedoms, and impose time and money costs, on Mainers who have traditionally exercised their private sale and transfer freedoms responsibly.

    2. The fact is that this referendum goes way beyond gun SALES, and also controls all but a few narrowly defined gun TRANSFERS.

    For example, loaning a gun for a couple of weeks to the trusted victim of domestic abuse for personal protection would require a trip to a gun dealer to process the “transfer” – both coming AND going.

    3. The fact is that police and prosecutors are already overburdened, and creating a whole new class of “victim-less crime” UBC “criminals” has no realistic chance of being fairly and uniformly enforced or prosecuted. Please see Portland Press Herald Letter to the Editor dated 02/11/16.

    4. The fact is that young people aged 18-20 would have a de-facto handgun ban imposed on them by this referendum; without any debate, due process, or discussion. Please see SUN JOURNAL Letter to the Editor dated 02/04/16.

    5. The fact is that former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is behind this referendum. He paid for the signature gathering, getting it on the ballot, and he will pay the millions to promote it via ads, direct mail, TV commercials, etc. He has made a mockery of the citizen’s initiative process in Maine.

    There are many other problems with the referendum, but I will leave the reader to ponder these five (5) concern areas on their journey to really, really understanding what this gun control referendum is about.

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