Shotgun News is now Firearm News.

They’re based in Peoria, IL and the name change will, as best as we can tell, come into effect with the first issue of 2016.

Their editor wrote a piece on their website explaining the change.

Introducing Firearms News

by David Hunter Jones


You might think that your computer has taken a wrong turn as the title in your browser now reads Firearms News rather than Shotgun News. This is no mistake, but rather it’s a sign of what Shotgun News has become in both the digital and print world.

Since I took over editorship of Shotgun News, I’ve been bombarded by questions about how things are looking in the world of scatterguns. As you know, Shotgun News is much more than simply news about shotguns. The title of the magazine has long been somewhat of a misnomer, and for 2016 we decided to put an end to questions about what the magazine and digital edition are all about: all kinds of firearms, not just shotguns. Hence the name change.


Thankfully they didn’t name it “Gun News”.

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