Violent crime in big cities isn’t limited to the “bad” parts of those cities.

It’s everywhere.

Take Busch Stadium in St. Louis, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.  You would think it would be a safe place.

You would think wrong.  Criminals know people can’t carry their concealed carry guns with them into the stadium, so it makes a convenient “hunting ground” for thugs seeking a quick score from productive citizens who have cash and valuables.

That’s what happened to Army veteran Chris Sanna.


He accompanied his mom to Busch Stadium to see a baseball game for her 60th birthday.

On the way out, he and his girlfriend were robbed.  The robber, described as a short, stocky black male with long dreadlocks, fired shots at them as Sanna and his girlfriend were running away after surrendering her purse.

The thug used Sanna’s credit card and police caught up with him pretty quickly.  Turns out he was already in custody for beating his girlfriend in an unrelated case.

The Post-Dispatch has the story:

Police sources said store surveillance footage captured a man using Sanna’s credit cards. Police learned Tuesday that the man had been in the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton since Sunday.

St. Louis County police had arrested him on unrelated domestic violence charges after his girlfriend told police he punched her in the face and stomach at a home along the 12000 block of Horizon Village Drive in the Spanish Lake area about 1:28 a.m. Sunday.

The victim told police she and the man had a child in common and that he had a gun. Police found a 9mm handgun in his car, according to court documents.

The man has previous felony convictions for resisting arrest and first-degree assault, according to the documents. Court records show he also has convictions for fraud with a credit card and driving with a revoked drivers license.


Sanna’s wasn’t the first armed robbery near the stadium.  There have been a bunch in the last month, including several where the robbers fired shots at the victims even after victims complied with the robbers’ demands:

[St. Louis Police Chief] Dotson also said police are looking into similar robberies this month to see if there’s any connection. In several, robbers fired at victims even though they were complying with the robber’s demands. Three victims have been injured in three such shootings since the beginning of the month.


7 thoughts on “SENSELESS VIOLENCE: Dreadlocked robber caught after paralyzing Army vet following St. Louis baseball game”
  1. I read somewhere that almost all of the murders in St. Louis are committed by blacks.

    Is it any wonder why Jesse Jackson prefers to see white folks in dark alleys more than young black males?

    In the story, the vet who got shot said St. Louis needs more cameras on more street corners. Here’s a better idea: End the prohibition on carry at Cardinal’s Stadium. That would allow the CCW holders to have their guns while walking to/from the games.

    It would make them a lot tougher targets for criminals.


  2. How about boycotting pro sports until they can make the lots and area around the park safe from dirtbags?

  3. It wasn’t that long ago that Chief Dotson was going on about “leave your gun at home because our vast array of cameras will protect you” How’s that working out, Sammy?

  4. Cameras… that’ll keep you safe.


    I bet Chief Dodson doesn’t leave his gun at home.

    1. I bet he doesn’t go to baseball games, he of all people in / around St. Louis knows where the criminals hang out, where is his police when needed? Anywhere but at places criminals hang out.

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