The “Baltimore/Ferguson Model”
by John Farnam

Between now and 2016, we’re going to see “Baltimore/Ferguson-style” mob violence in virtually every major metro area in the Country. It has already spread to NYC, Chicago, and Boston!

Combine a large, permanently non-contributing sector of the population with incompetent politicians (little more than dithering buffoons), and race-bating presidential candidates, who have endless sympathy for every constituency imaginable, except the one that includes beleaguered tax-payers who actually show-up for work every day (and thus don?t have time to riot), and the stage is set!

In addition, we have a permanent cadre of perpetual race-bating blow-hards, with the all-too-willing assistance of the liberal media, to whom facts never matter, excitedly (and openly) encouraging criminal violence.

For the rest of us, this summer will be a good time to stay away from major, metro areas, particularly ones listed above.  When in one, get out without delay at the first hint of rioting!

Counting on police for protection is the province of naive fools, as we’ve seen repeatedly!

Going armed is mandatory for the clear-eyed. Maybe add an extra, extra magazine and/or a second pistol. Having military rifles close at hand, and in an appropriate state of readiness, is also in your best interest.

Mob violence has, once again, become the “language” of leftist politics and politicians. They have no compunction about using frenzied mobs to “punish” defenseless critics and non-supporters, while simultaneously “rewarding” violent thugs with loot!

“Would that the Roman people had but a single neck?” (in order that their heads may all be cut off at once)

Caligula (Gaius Caesar), 12-41AD


6 thoughts on “FARNAM: The Baltimore / Ferguson Model is coming to a city near you”
  1. i disagree that the politicians are incompetent. They are doing exactly what they want. Which is hooking large segments of the urban population on government benefits in exchange for support and votes. If they’re incompetent, why are they winning? I think the word you were looking for was “diabolical.”

  2. They are trying to nationalize local police force. Wonder if they will have brown shirts and high boots?

    1. This is KEY – if you watch the patterns, the media is trying DESPERATELY to convince the general population of 2 falsehoods:

      Both of these are obviously lies to even the moderately informed, but it sets the stage for expansion of Federal “law enforcement” power – which Constitutionally shouldn’t exist in the first place.

      Do your local cops seem corrupts and abusive? Call in the Feds to take over!

      ….I trust you can all see where this is going.

  3. I don’t live in a big city, but if I did… I wouldn’t worry.

    I’ve got more ammo than they have courage.

    1. You may have a stockpile of ammo and amazing weapons to put it in, but after the first few rounds are fired, your goose will be cooked. The mobs or the cops will take what you have and you with it, dead or alive. You may get the satisfaction of firing a few rounds, but that is as far as you will get. You cannot out gun Uncle Sam and you cannot stand against an army of government sponsored rioters. I understand and appreciate your bravado, but being a one man army just won’t work in reality. Better to just lay low or get the heck out of Dodge than making a one man stand. Now if all of us gun lovers could unite…

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