Baltimore is on fire and more than a few people are describing it as a war zone.

Photo via Conservative Treehouse.

I’ve seen reports of blacks are savagely attacking any non-blacks.  There are other reports of the three main gangs in Baltimore uniting to “take out cops”.  The Nation of Islam is working along side of these gangs, pledging allegiance to ISIS – the Muslim terrorists – as well in Baltimore.

Nothing says you've got something constructive to lend to society by standing atop a trashed police car with your pants hanging off your butt, holding your crotch and flipping everyone the bird.
Nothing says you’ve got something constructive to lend to society by standing atop a trashed police car with your pants hanging off your butt, holding your crotch and flashing gang signs.

In short, it’s anarchy, thanks to the soft-on-crime liberal Democrat / low-information mayor.



In fact, the city is literally burning mid-day Tuesday as arson fires have outstripped the Baltimore Fire Department’s ability to fight them – even when people aren’t slashing fire hoses.



It’s clear the police haven’t yet been ordered to break up the lawlessness on display in that city.  They mayor, an Obamaphile, said publicly she wanted to give her constituents “room to destroy property”.  Of course, it’s not her property.

Then she says she would welcome Al Sharpton and the rest of the Black Grievance Industry.  That should help.

It’s worth noting that while she was quite to give black ghetto thugs room to destroy property, including a 16-million dollar nursing home a Baltimore church had under construction to help care for lower-income residents, she wasn’t quick to call for the National Guard.  In fact, she dithered for hours, willfully choosing to not return a call from the governor’s office.

Nursing home

Finally, she called and asked for help and the governor activated the Guard “within 30 seconds of receiving her call” for help.

Why did she call for help?  Her internal polling data was likely showing that the people of Baltimore and beyond were losing patience with her ineptitude dealing with the crisis.  She realized that it was going to be less politically costly to call for the National Guard than to continue to coddle the black ghetto trash rioting and “hope” things would get better.

As for the civilians?

Some, especially non-blacks, are fleeing the affected areas.


No doubt others have loaded their guns, realizing that ultimately, the only thing between the rioters and utter ruination of residents’ lives is a firearm and the willingness to use deadly force to protect from arson and anarchy.

Also, there are probably plenty of non-gun owner Baltimore residents who have, in the past few days, recognized that they should have bought a gun in their past.  Their confidence in the police protecting them from bad people is no doubt shaken to the core.  They now understand that sometimes the police can’t or won’t protect them and ultimately it’s up to you to protect your family, not someone else.

There’s nothing like a “Come to Jesus” moment to convert non-gun owners to becoming gun owners.



The next question:  How much longer will it be before the armed citizens of Maryland unite against this lawlessness.

Two dozen Oath Keepers armed with police patrol-type rifles on the rooftops put an end to lawlessness in Ferguson in less than 48 hours – something thousands of cops with their hands tied behind their backs could not do.

Can a few Oath Keepers do the same for Baltimore?

Or a few armed residents protecting their buildings from arson and looting.


21 thoughts on “BALTIMORE: Breakdown of law and order will bring increasing gun ownership”
  1. Rodney King. Katrina. Ferguson. Baltimore. Just four of the many reasons we will never lay down our arms.

    1. If this does anything, it awakens the sleeping white community to the reality that these people are not ‘just like us’….. Blacks are doing far more harm to race relations in the USA than they realize…

    2. In general, most blacks are “just like us”. They want the same things: to be successful, respected, and to be left along to raise their families and be productive members of our society.

      It’s the ghetto trash who act like savages, enamored with the hip-hop, “ghetto” culture eschewing education in favor of misogyny, drug abuse and ignorance.

      Sixty or eighty years of being brainwashed by their fellow blacks into supporting the Democrat party has left too many of them enslaved on the Democrat plantation, dependent upon “entitlements”.


    3. I don’t disagree in the slightest that these rioters and gangsta’s are harming race relations (among their other crimes). But would like to point out that some folks in the black community are not a part of this:

      We’ve got be careful with using terms like “all”. Remember our friend, Otis? It would be a sin to lump him in with these vibrants.

  2. Just keep in mind that Mary;and is a “may issue” state
    and getting a CCL is very difficult.
    Potential Hilary replacement, former Gov OMallery
    saw to that.
    The citizens are basically defenseless thanks to the big D
    machine and political control.

  3. John- you refer to them as ghetto trash and savages, yet you remove my reference about taking the jungle out of the monkey?
    Not seeing a whole lot of difference there.

    1. Ghetto trash and savages are accurate descriptors of the SUBSET of the black population that is responsible for these riots. The term monkey is an overtly racist reference to the entire black population, and is therefore inappropriate.

      Sort of like the difference between redneck/trailer trash and white person.

    2. Don’t see it that way. Just because you think it refers to the entire black population, doesn’t mean everyone does.

      If you act uncivilized, like a monkey, then you must be one, no matter your color. If you are a normal civilized person, then you are not.

      If you, or anyone, claim we cannot use certain words because some might think it a racist term, then throw in the towel, for they have won.

  4. I said these same things a year ago and some of you same commenters accused ME of being racist.

    Amazing what the passage of time and animal behavior will yield.

    Are you ready to put them back in chains yet? I am.

    1. Advocating slavery is a bit silly, but while unpopular, apartheid is becoming more of a possibility each day.

  5. The black democrat operating attitude that ” it TAKES a village ” to raise a democrat voter has always been to raise a THUG.

  6. And now a black person on TV last night said that the word “thug” is equivalent to the good ole N word.
    Pretty soon they’ll claim we have no right to comment at all.

  7. The riots are bad but if it means a renewing awakening to the right to keep and bear arms then maybe some good can come from them after-all

    I just hope that some day enough people wake up and realize the words “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” was meant to be a commanding prohibition against the entry and encroachment on the right to keep and bear arms


  8. I’m betting there’s a run on guns at gun shops in and around Maryland.

    I’m going to clean some of my guns later today. I’ve been putting it off and this seems like a good time to enjoy an iced tea while cleaning guns on the back porch.


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