The sad group Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership is a group that hasn’t met a gun law it didn’t like.  At least one that restricted Americans’ God-given rights.

They raise money from dupes across America who think the tiny CSGV actually gets results.

One thing they do well is serve as a social media platform for the far left moonbats in America to spew all sorts of hate, bigotry and anti-American sentiment.  Recently they demonstrated this so well with their trashing of Chris Kyle and the movie American Sniper.  They’ve also attacked plenty of others over the years, so Chris Kyle wasn’t their first good and honorable American attacked by the petty people (person?) at CSGV.  He may have been the highest profile, and most heroic American attacked aside from a Congressional Medal of Honor winner besmirched as well, but he’s not the first.

Their website?  Has significantly less traffic that Guns Save Life’s website, and we don’t bring in roughly a million dollars a year (as of 2013), and another big hunk of change from an associated foundation Educational Fund To Stop Gun Ownership.  Or Violence.  Or whatever.

Another thing they do well is to keep the donations rolling in from the low-information lemmings who follow them by posting the most outrageous propaganda and crazy, flawed analysis.  Their thought process defies logic, reason or science.  Just as it is difficult to get inside of the mind of insane people to understand their insanity because of their cray cray, so too is it difficult to understand the CSGV’s thinking.

But it brings them in donations to their six-digit dollar fundraising campaigns.

Their donors’ checkbooks and debit cards make them useful idiots, as opposed to just idiots.  Now, before you start castigating me for ad hominem attacks, I mean “idiot” as in the dictionary meaning:  “an utterly foolish or senseless person”.  As in: “an idiot and his/her money are soon parted”.

Their biggest “contribution” to the world is Joe Biden-like.  Only unlike our Veep’s almost daily bleeps, bloopers and blunders, CSGV is good for almost daily humor on their Facebook posts and other social media with their appalling posts.

Here’s a recent one that was right on par with many.


They reach a complete cognitive disconnect by the second sentence:  “Sadly, two decades later, the insurrectionist ideology that motivated Timothy McVeigh is now popular and widely accepted in the Conservative Movement. This perverted ideology claims (wrongly) that the Second Amendment provides individuals with a right to shoot and kill government officials when they personally sense ‘tyranny.’

Really now?

Last time I checked, Barack Obama was still drawing breath.  So were Eric Holder, Diane Feinstein, Chuck E. Shumer, Carolyn McCarthy, Gov. Cuomo, and the list goes on and on.

The CSGV can’t even spell logic, much less practice it.

Gun Owners

But what else would we expect from people who have been constantly wrong about everything involving gun ownership and gun rights for the past fifty-plus years?

Why anyone continues to believe these people astounds us.

I guess there’s a reason some people are called “low-information types”.

As for us insurrectionalist gun owners, you may celebrate your status:


Available from 45Superman at Armed and Safe blog.

We’re despised by the despicable.  Yes indeed.



6 thoughts on “DESPISED BY THE DESPICABLE: CSGV says gun owners will assassinate tyrannical government officials”
  1. Yet, it is the liberal wack jobs that go out and kill government (police) officials, as in the assassination of the two NY cops.
    Let’s add in the liberal wacko who shot Gabby Giffords.
    How about Lee Harvey Oswald as well.

    I’m sure the list could be much longer, but the point is made.

  2. I completely overlooked that point.

    Thank you KK.

    Not to add too much to your list but:

    Boston Bombers.
    Muslim Major at Ft. Hood.
    The Liberal whack job that tried to kill Reagan.
    The Unibomber Ted K.
    The Navy Yard shooter
    Virginia Tech shooter
    The “Dark Knight”/Colorado shooter:
    Bill Ayers

  3. “CSGV says gun owners will assassinate tyrannical government officials”

    Um, if governmental officials are being tyrannical, isn’t that appropriate?

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