Having been to the NRA conventions in the past, I’ve seen the booths and as I get older, I appreciate the educational opportunities available at the gathering of the faithful at these mega-events.

Kyle Lamb was outstanding.   Steve Tarani was very good.  Rob Pincus did a nice job covering the basics.  Martin Morgan provided a great history lesson on the Thompson.  The list goes on and on.

The best presentation?

Lt. Col. David Grossman:  Sheepdogs!  The Bullet Proof Mind for the Armed Citizen.


Hands down.

Head and shoulders above the rest that were all very good.

I’ll have some notes from the second half of it later.

But for now, some photos (in part because I promised them to some folks).

It was held in a room with a capacity of 746 and it was standing room only.

He's larger than life.
He’s larger than life.


He's animated.
He’s animated.


He's like Superman!
He’s like Superman!
He's fast-moving.
He’s fast-moving.
He's gracious.
He’s gracious.
He's a great guy.
He’s a great guy.


He's great with kids.
He’s great with kids.


...and dads.
…and dads.


...and ladies.
…and ladies.


And then it's back to the grind.
And then it’s back to work.


4 thoughts on “BEST NRA SESSION: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman… The Bullet Proof Mind for the Armed Citizen”
  1. Col.Groossman, Jimmy Meeks and Carl Chinn work across our country providing a message for churches to awake to the violence that is invading them. SheepdogSafetyTraining.com hopefully coming to a church near you, it’s coming to ours 1/16/2016.

  2. I have seen Col. Grossman on several occasions, and every time I learn something. Please go see him presentations if ever given the opportunity. Great guy!

  3. I attended Col. Grossman’s lecture in Columbus, OH and it was life changing. Hands down. One of those permanent-paradigm-shift type of events. Based on his lecture I went on to study “Terror at Beslan” by John Giduck – a truly excellent book and a definite paradigm-shifting piece in and of itself.

    I highly recommend you avail yourself of both.

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