We’ve seen a lot of stories lately about the proliferation of illegal aliens in America under Barack Hussein Obama’s regime.

It’s almost as if he’s trying to bring America to a Third World status, isn’t it?  That’s a conversation best had over a Dos Equis or Heineken another time.

With those illegals are lots of criminals:  murderers, kidnappers, armed robbers, sexual predators, drug dealers, and just general thugs.  Many of them speak minimal English.  Barack Obama released over 30,000 of the worst of the worst onto America’s streets last year.  They were slated for deportation but were so bad that their native country (Mexico in most cases) wouldn’t take them back because of their criminal past.  So our hero of the welfare class president turned them loose.

There’s hope for law-abiding Americans though.

Photo by Oleg Volk.

Just like America’s native-born criminals, who may or may not speak proper English, non-English speakers understand a one language fluently:  the muzzle of a gun.  They have no problem understanding the universal “NO” when, in a profound error in the victim selection process, a would-be victim shows their fangs to these violent criminal predators.

Photo via Ebaumsworld

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