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Add Ohio to the states that recognizes all other states’ carry licenses.  Including Illinois’.

Effective Monday, March 23rd.

The new law(Analysis)

Provides that if a person who is not an Ohio resident and has a valid concealed handgun license from another state, regardless of whether the other state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with the Attorney General, and the person is temporarily in Ohio, that out-of-state license will be recognized in Ohio during the time that the person is temporarily in Ohio (R.C. 109.69(B)(3)).



44 thoughts on “100% WIN: OHIO now recognizes all states’ carry licenses”
  1. That sign is a little out of date. Like 5 years. The governor is John Kasich. Ted Strickland was a Democrat and would have vetoed this.

    1. Best pic I could find on short notice.

      Yes, I noticed the wrong people were listed.


  2. Your sign of Ohio State is wrong We have a Republican Government n LTD Government . Please put up the right sign. Give credit to the Right party if was for the other Government we would be turning in our 2nd amendment right……..

  3. Be nice if all states would recognize our CCW as well. I travel to PA alot alot and would love to carry there also without filing with state department.

    1. My thoughts exactly! How does this help us from Ohio when our permit
      still isn’t recognized in neighboring states?

    2. Beth, Indiana recognizes 49 States, Vermont is the only state that Indiana does not recognize.

    3. Vermont does not have pistol permits. Anyone can carry up there, and they honor permits from all other states.

    4. Well, Beth, even gun owners, pro-lifers, Conservative types, are not welcome in NY according to Andy ‘L’il Duce’ Cuomo. It’s why I moved to WV. It’s why a lot of folks are packing up & moving out of NYS. Pretty soon there will be no one left who works, no guns, and the other states can use their NG to push on in, take it over. Then start working your way north & east.

  4. But, wasn’t it a Republican governor (Taft) that VETOED Ohio’s concealed carry law in 2004? It was the first veto that was overridden in decades.

    And, didn’t Strickland, a Democrat, happily sign our 2007 preemption law that IMPROVED concealed carry across the state?

    You can’t judge JUST on party affiliation all the time.

    Remember, Kasich voted FOR the 1994 federal Assault Weapons Ban.

    1. Kasich follows the wind. He’s not a true leader. He’s a semi-socialist RINO. And, to think, the Republican Party thinks folks like him are the best they can offer. Tsk! Tsk! smh

  5. This is stupid. It only affects people who aren’t residents. I have a CCW from Pennsylvania and I moved here to Ohio about two years ago. I haven’t gone through the bullshit requirements to get an Ohio CCW. So if I live here, my CCW from PA isn’t recognized? That’s completely bunk

    1. Most States wouldn’t recognize it at this point anyway cuz you’re no longer a resident of Pennsylvania

    2. That’s pure bunk. I have a FL, UT, AZ, and NY permit. I no longer live in NY, and if I wshed to CC in WV I’d have to get a permit, but I can OC without, so I prefer OC. Why? Because I like to be, as one sheriff here put it, harassed by LE. No, jk. I do so because the courts have said 1)I don;t need a permit to exercise my right, and 2)I don;t need to pay the state, or any other entity a fee for my right. Yet, states still do this, and NRA still pushes CC permits in states which haven’t either OC, or CC. Would I prefer to carry CC so I wasn’t accosted, or my gun stolen from my hip? You betcha, but until state lawmakers wake up, and that means, when a lot more get their walking papers, or, when Wayne LaPierre, and Alan Gottlieb, use the information I’ve given them to get permits overturned in the courts, this will continue.

    3. Why do you think LE/courts in OH can’t access your criminal record of CCW in PA?

      Or are you ranting about your new state of residence (OH) not recognizing your ccl/ccp from your old state of residence (PA)? Many states have such a provision, that residents must have home-state carry licenses (and driver’s licenses).

  6. Awesome! I am from Cincinnati, but live in TX now, and was just about to go get my Ohio CHL, because I come up there every year. Thank you Ohio!

  7. Great now I can carry legal when traveling thru Ohio from Indiana. Don’t need my Arizona ccw.
    Good show Buckeyes

  8. Just got my FL CCL so I could carry in OH. $112 wasted. But, still cool with the law change.

  9. This surprises me because Ohio requires its citizens to engage in training to get a permit. Now non- residents can carry in Ohio with permits from states that do not require training. Ohio arguably is on the one hand protecting its public by requiring Ohio citizens to train but not protecting them from non-resident carriers who aren’t trained. First screw-up by a non-trained non-resident will cause sh_t to hit the fan: bad press and anti-gun screams. It seems to me that Ohio would have been wiser to permit only non-residents to catty who were required by the state who granted their license to successfully complete required training. And, Vermont citizens may carry without a permit. That means no background checks and no required training. How would Vermonters be treated in Ohio? I would like a national carry law but with these types of issues resolved as suggested. This way, the bite out of shrill opposition to national carry rights could be less acceptable to many. So, in my mind, not a 100% win. It could be with these requirements that are reasonable and fine by me. I do not want crazies or people with a history of resorting to illegal violence to be permitted to carry.

    1. Mandatory training is bunk. Allow folks to train where & when they wish, with whom they wish. Do not require it. Many folks have been brought up, as Louis L’Amour used to relate, teething on the “butt of a pistol.” If you wish training, start ’em young, as our founders wished, either in the home, or in the schools. Maybe if we taught children responsibility, and level headedness, rather than that they are victims who should be angry all the time, we’d have far fewer school shootings, more level headed, less politically correct, and more responsible adults coming through the ranks. Instead, we have a whole slew of angry youths with too much time on their hands, who will not engage in class, whose poor grades reflect the societal pulls of worldliness, and socialist tendency where the rich feed the poor, and the poor need do nothing to help themselves. Time to wake up America. TY to all those already awake.

  10. I’m for national carry !!! Just turn on the news !!! We will all be carrying soon just to survive !! You may think I’m crazy but mark my words things are not getting better just worse ! We live in a world full of idiots and if you do not agree just simply watch the news each morning !!! For instance just look how many liberal idiots voted that nut in the White House back in for a second term. The African Americans believe he is an African American they don’t know he is a dark skinned Muslim … Shame on the African Americans who were fooled by that MUSLIM!!!!

  11. If you are an Ohio resident and have a non-resident permit from another state (e.g. Virginia or Florida), will Ohio recognize that license, or do you need to get one from Ohio too?

    1. Ohio residents must have an Ohio carry license or a license from a reciprocating state. This provision only applies to non-residents (visitors and travelers).

  12. I’m not entirely sure this is true don’t get your hope to far up ladies and gents.

    1. It is true. It is a result of HB-234 that was signed into law by Gov. Kasich back in December. It took effect on March 23.

  13. I talked to a ohio state trooper on this past Friday and I asked him if I could carry in ohio cus in have my ccl in pa and he looked up the reprocity and pa and oh aren’t together so that is a no go

    1. The evidence weighs heavily against you. Can you provide any links to support your statement?

    2. (Previous comment directed to Greg’s statement; there is strong evidence supporting the hypothesis being true, and only a vague “the Ohio site” reference to support the hypothesis being false.)

  14. Well that’s great news I’m planning a trip there on the bikes this year.
    And I’ll spend my money in Ohio. Thank you Ohio.

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