Did you know that the Chicago Police have shot an average of more than one bad guy a week for the past five years?  In about 30 percent of those cases, the suspects shot by police were killed.

Take your blood pressure meds then check this out:

Families of Chicagoans Killed by Police to Meet with Mayor and Hold Rally at City Hall March 16th

CHICAGO, IL – Over the past 5 years there have been over 300 shootings by Chicago Police Department officers, resulting in over 90 fatalities. On Monday, March 16th, at 12:30 p.m., the families of some of these shooting victims will meet with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. At 4:00 p.m. that same day, these families and their supporters will report back from their meeting with the mayor and rally outside his City Hall office.

At a March 5th press conference at City Hall, families of Chicagoans killed by police demanded a meeting with the mayor. Shortly after the event, the office of Mayor Emanuel reached out to those families to schedule a meeting. Those participating in the meeting with the mayor on March 16th at 12:30pm include the mothers of Rekia Boyd, Dakota Bright, Roshad Mcintosh, Ronald Johnson, Darius Pinex, and DeSean Pittman. One other family member or friend of each victim will accompany the mothers.

“The pressure is on for Mayor Emanuel to take meaningful, concrete steps to address the demands of families of Chicagoans killed by police,” says William Calloway, an organizer with Christianaire, Inc. who works with victims of police violence. “We have the support of our communities, of Chicago’s activists, and of numerous aldermen and aldermanic candidates. Together, we will end the culture of police violence and impunity in Chicago!”

Our pals over at Second City Cop shined the light of truth on this story – specifically on those six named individuals:

This should have been an interesting meeting, seeing as how 5 of the 6 were pointing guns at the police, guns that were recovered on scene. And in the sixth case, the detective has a scheduled trial date already, so the justice system seems to be working as slowly as it always does, which is never fast enough for those who just want lynchings and payouts.

So, five of the six deceased were justifiable, and the sixth instance, a cop is facing trial.

Instead of meeting with the families of police officers and their families affected by the aftermath of using deadly force to protect innocent life and showing public support for their suffering, Rahm instead panders to the criminals’ families and their demands.

How pathetic is that?

Aside from there votes, do you think Rahm Emanuel loses one wink of sleep worrying about criminals shot down as they were threatening innocents with death or great bodily injury?

We’re sure he doesn’t.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is desperate for the (low-information) votes, is crassly pandering to America’s criminal class.  The $1.98 question is whether or not America’s criminal class has enough votes to push him over the top in this hotly contested race.

It’s like a modern day “Boardwalk Empire” set in Chicago instead of New Jersey where Rahm is “Nucky” and the rest of us are the people getting screwed at every turn.

4 thoughts on “THE CHICAGO WAY: Mayor Rahm meets with criminals’ families, not cops’ families”
  1. GSL can’t endorse candidates, per IRS regulations.

    Voters can make their own decision on who to vote for.

    It would seem that in a race between a man who has proven himself an enemy of gun owners time and time again – and an ally of the criminal class – vs. a man who is an unknown, the choice would be clear.


  2. Love the comparison to Boardwalk Empire.

    Where else besides Chicago could you have a nine-fingered former ballerina run a city like an organized crime boss?

    Meeting with the families of criminals? Only a leftist Democrat could think that’s a winning strategy!


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