Photos courtesy WALB.
Photos courtesy WALB.

We wrote about the “new” style of home invasions months ago in GunNews.

Basically, hard-core scumbags target homes with big gun safes.

They don’t come during the day when nobody is home.  They come when the owner is home so he can open the safe.

You won’t open your safe, you think?  You will.

Here it is:

Bad guys and gun safes

by John Boch
(GunNews January 2015) – We’re going to hear more in coming months about the violent Mexican drug cartels coming to America.  “It’s on the border now and it’s spreading into Texas and across the nation,” Sheriff A.J. Louderback of Jackson County, Texas told the media December 10th.  “They’re coming.”

The Sinaloa Cartel’s “enforcers”, the MS-13 street gang, are arguably the most violent, ruthless group out there.

I’ve learned from people I trust that MS-13 members are coming to Chicago in large numbers, intent to assist the cartel in making Chicago a new national hub for their operations.

Why should you care?

The MS-13 boys love guns and valuables and when they aren’t breaking arms and legs (and decapitating people) for the cartel, they like to earn some extra money.

They seem to have stumbled upon a new and profitable way to make quick money:  residential security containers.  Otherwise known as “gun safes”.

More and more folks have gun safes in their homes.  In those safes is typically most of the big-dollar, high-demand items home invaders love:  cash, jewelry, guns and other goodies.

The MS-13ers aren’t interested in burglarizing your house and forcing their way into  your safe.  That takes too much time and is noisy.  It’s a lot easier for them to stand around while you open it.

“I won’t ever do that!” you say?

That’s okay.  They’ll put your wife or kid at gunpoint and start amputating fingers or other appendages.  These MS-13 guys are pretty hard-core with a propensity for violence.  You will open the safe.

If you’re lucky they won’t kill you afterwards.

How do you counter this?  Be aware of your surroundings when you’re at home.  If you don’t already carry a firearm on your person while at home, consider doing so or strategically placing them in the house for emergencies.

Pre-plan with your family what to do in case of a home invasion, just as you do with planning for a fire or tornado.  Have a plan.  Practice it.

Also, be careful about who you let into your home and what they see.

And most of all, stay safe.

It wasn’t MS-13 that committed the latest home invasion attack to get at guns in a gun safe last Friday, but the results were just as bloody.

New arrest in Sumter Co. double murder

How did it go down?  Police believe social media posts identified the homeowner as a firearms aficionado with a large collection of firearms.  A whole slew of ghetto trash decided to pull a home invasion robbery.  They held the female “hostage”.  The owner opened his safe then these members of America’s criminal class killed the couple and stole everything they could carry.

Then they set the house ablaze.

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) –Investigators arrested a 5th person Wednesday in the double-murder of a Sumter County mother and son.

Officers arrested Demetrious Hubbard and charged him with murder in the case.

Hubbard’s arrest comes after four other suspects were denied bond in a first appearance Wednesday afternoon.

Ruhemmeion King is also charged murder.

Investigators said he shot Dallas and Bonnie Freeman several times, before setting their house on fire Friday.

The suspects:



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  1. These young Amish guys would really stand out in my “hood”, even if they were just driving through, would get me on red alert instantly!

    1. Now, now…we can profile this young men just because of their looks…can we?


  2. When the media says there’s no reason not to post the names and addresses of people with gun permits in places like NY, this needs to be linked. I know they said the demons found out about the guns on Facebook but it would have the same end result of they picked up the list in the local paper.

  3. We are a soft and weak nation. We allow killers like this to do “live” behind bars. In a few years laws will change some of these guys will have “book deals” and smiling on TV. We do we house killers @ $80k a year. Take their ass outside and hang them or put them in front of a firing squad. Take is what they understand. Keep dogs that bark and guns ready to protect your family.

  4. Bullets are too kind a death for oxygen-wasters such as these.
    There are many things going through my mind right now, but we all have imaginations. Don’t want to lend credence to the dinosaurs in the middle east and their third-century tactics.

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