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Meet Mason Johnson.

He performs “readings” (not the kind with a Ouija board) at a bar in Chicago and considers himself a bit of a comedian.  I know, he kind of looks like he was a finalist at the Obamacare Pajama Boy casting call.

He’s also a writer for CBS Chicago.

He writes about things he has little to no knowledge about, including gun ownership.

Chicago’s Gun Problem — There Are Too Many

(CBS Chicago) – Despite comparable resources to other big city’s, Chicago’s violence continues to outpace the likes of New York and Los Angeles — why? One piece of that puzzle is clear: there are just too many guns in this city.

I’m not arguing for or against the rights of gun owners, mind you, I’m just trying to add a little context to Chicago’s problem with violent crime.

He goes on to offer his Pajama Boy analysis:

And yes, I hear the readers out there who are sarcastically saying, “But how can that be?! Chicago had such strict guns laws …”

Apparently strict gun laws don’t mean squat when the counties and states around your city don’t have them.

Dear Pajama Boy Mason:

Aurora, IL is Illinois’ second largest city, located about forty minutes west of Chicago.  They don’t have Chicago-style strict gun control.

They also had exactly zero homicides in 2013.  Compared to Chicago – and it’s strict gun control – which had 532, give or take a dozen that year.

No strict gun control: zero homicides.

Chicago-style gun control:  Lots of homicides.

We’ll give you a second clue in the form of a book to read:  More Guns, Less Crime.  Mason, we know you’re going to find it a little more intellectual than you might be comfortable with, but give it a try, would you?

We didn’t find your writing or simple-minded analysis humorous.

We recommend brushing up on both before CBS Chicago’s management gives you a pink slip the next time they downsize.


5 thoughts on “SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE: Chicago comedian/CBS writer is clueless about guns and crime”
  1. Ms. Johnson,
    Chicago has a CRIMINAL problem, not so much a “gun control” problem. “Gun Control” is in the hands of the firearm holder, not the government, and if the firearm holder happens to be a CRIMINAL, you have a CRIMINAL problem. I have an assortment of firearms which have never been used for criminal activity and never will under my control, in fact, Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile has killed more people than any one of my firearms.

    1. Ms. Johnson looks a little like Rachael Maddow, hense the “Ms.”, s/he looks gender confused, not to disrespect any person of the female persuation.

  2. Did someone from CBS Chicago really write “Despite comparable resources to other big city’s”?

    They don’t know the difference between “cities” and “city’s”?

    WOW. Must have graduated at the top of their class.

    See BS.

  3. And people cant understand why our country is going to Hell!

    Did any of you happen to catch the latest Mark Dice you tube video where he asked people to support Karl Marx for president?

    Looks like the next president may just be Karl Marx.

    Once Dice told them Obama supported Marx the people just couldn’t get enough

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