America’s criminal class is having a tough time in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Already this year, there have been eleven homicides in that city, and almost half of those have been ruled self-defense.  And a decision on another instance involving an off-duty cop shooting a man savagely beating a woman in public is pending.

Those instances ruled justifiable killings to date have all come at the hands of civilians, not police.

Want an example of how the good guys have thinned the criminal herd a notch or three?

Tulsa World photo.

Tulsa, OK (Tulsa World) – Dale Long died in the same red car he used to run into an apartment security guard on a cold night in early January.

Long, who had been arrested in Tulsa nearly a dozen times since the early 1990s, was spotted by security officers who recognized him not only as the source of the disturbance to which they were responding but also as someone who had been banned from the property.

Tulsa police homicide Sgt. Dave Walker said Long was shot in the torso when the security officer he ran into pushed away from the vehicle and fired a single bullet. The 40-year-old continued to drive away, eventually crashing his car into a tree south of the shooting scene.

Long was pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to chest while still in the car.

Dead-end Dale’s days of dishing out violence to others has come to a deadly end.

Another instance was a two-fer.

Tulsa World photo

…On Jan. 13, Bradley Keeling, a clerk at Ryan’s Convenience Store in east Tulsa, fatally shot two intruders during a robbery attempt. Keeling was not arrested, and nine days later, Luton issued a press release stating that the District Attorney’s Office had cleared Keeling of any wrongdoing.

Hey bad guys:  You best behave in Tulsa.

Because the good guys have guns and they’re not afraid to use them!





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