Champaign Ford City and the nearby Worden Martin Nissan have taken down their “NO GUNS” signage!

The two high-profile car dealerships in Champaign join hundreds of other businesses who have taken down “NO GUNS” signs that alienate over 1.8 million registered gun owners in Illinois.  Other businesses taking down the signs include Walmart, bank, gas station and retail chains, and plenty of other businesses.

The move follows a number of instances of gun owners walking away from purchases because of the dealerships’ signage at their entrances.

GSL’s John Boch stopped by Champaign Ford City on Friday, February 6th to ask for a comment from management.  A promised return phone call was never received.

Nevertheless, we salute the two Worden Martin dealerships pulling down signs that do nothing to stop bad guys from committing violent crimes, but do legally prohibit card-carrying good guys from entering an establishment.

In fact, the signs attract violent criminals but not everyone has made that connection.

11 thoughts on “YET ANOTHER VICTORY: Ford of Champaign “NO GUNS” signs come down”
  1. This is timely.

    I have been shopping OUT OF TOWN for a new F150 because of those signs. I’ll now go back and see what’s available in Champaign.

    1. Be sure and tell them why you stepped foot in their business – I presume because they took their signs off the door – and thank them.

  2. Guns Save Life members contribute to another win for the good guys. My cousin dropped a card there a couple of weeks ago that he got when he signed up as a GSL member.

    Sounds like that freebie was priceless in the work it did.

    Great job GSL and welcome Champaign Ford.

    1. Do your homework on this. Ford was given a “bailout” before the others. Not bashing them, they did what they had to do. Just don’t praise them when you obviously don’t know the whole story. Search for Ford bail out.

    2. It wasn’t a bailout it was actually a loan. A 5.9 billion dollar department of energy loan to be exact, but no bailout.

    3. Does it really matter? No because they both received currency from the government whether it was a loan or a bail out. I understand sticking up for the car company you love. Lastly, I am a trained GM tech. I see more Ford turbo diesels breaking down than any other manufacturer. Ford makes a great f150 gas engine. But EVERY manufacturer has their problems. Common let’s go racing or muddin. America!

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