The mainstream media is in a tailspin because they are no longer the only game in town when it comes to reporting the news.  Americans, by and large, have voted with their feet and bailed on the biased reporting of these news organizations.

With declining readership comes a decline in advertising revenue.

With a decline in revenue comes job cuts.

Given the Chicago Sun-Times’ long-standing anti-gun bias, we can’t say as though we’re shedding a lot tears for them.

(Crains) – Chicago Sun-Times editorial employees voted unanimously tonight to let their union pursue an agreement with the company that owns their newspaper that could lead to an exit of about a fifth of the staff.

Reporters and other newspaper staffers gathered in a downtown Holiday Inn hotel conference room and voted 28-0 in favor of offering the buyout to members, said Craig Rosenbaum, executive director of the Chicago Newspaper Guild. That union represents 73 editorial employees at the paper. He declined to provide details of the offer or the agreement with Wrapports, the Chicago-based parent of the newspaper.

Wrapports has been struggling to stem losses amid an industrywide decline in print advertising revenue that provides the bulk of income for newspapers. With a migration of readers to online and social media alternatives, advertisers have followed suit, leaving newspapers to search for new sources of revenue and to chop their budgets and staffs.

2 thoughts on “DECLINE: Sun-Times to slash 20% of remaining staff”
  1. Sad. I hate to see the decline in newspapers nationwide because I do believe they serve a role, but even I have reduced my readership to an on-line edition of the newspaper due to the content not worth the cost of the paper edition. I wonder if there is a newspaper that is conservative leaning and growing, like FOX News in TV land? Journalists (if that is what you want to call them) are mostly flaming liberals. They cannot force themselves to write a decent story if their lives depended on it. Most of what I see on national news in my paper is just AP stories and press releases. Even “journalists” covering local news rarely do much in-depth reporting, preferring to take the easy way out and write what they are told w/o asking hard questions or verifying anything (unless it is something about a conservative). Newspapers get what they deserve.

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