Those popular signs that we wrote about at Colon Township in Pennsylvania have splashed into the news once again.

They weren’t up a two days when someone who doesn’t appreciate Constitutional rights vandalized the signs.

From the story:

[Township Supervisor Stephen L. Mohr] expected vandals to target the signs after media reported about them. One sign had paint over the word “NOT.” Paint covered the entire message on a few of the signs. Peace signs were also spraypainted on or near some of the signs.

“That tells me their grandparents were at Woodstock,” Mohr said of the vandals. “They are probably from the left wing, liberal-thinking and against guns.”

The vandalized signs “have been cleaned up and look as good as new,” Mohr said. A township road crew member cleaned two of the signs and township resident Tonya Guringo cleaned the other two.

Those rocket surgeons probably had no idea that a little turpentine and a rag would wipe that paint off in a swipe or three.

What’s more, the vandalism is generating more attention – and demand for similar signs in other locales.  From the story:

Now, the township is fielding  requests from people who want to buy similar signs. Phone calls and emails have come in from elsewhere in Pennsylvania and California, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Idaho, Kentucky, and other states, township supervisor Stephen L. Mohr said. Requests for signs have come from pro-gun and 2nd Amendment organizations, too.

He expects the township will buy new signs from a private company and then resell them. Campaign-like yard signs and window stickers are also being planned. No prices or quantities have been determined.


Welcome to tolerance and diversity among those on the left who hate your right to self-defense.  Not only don’t they like your Second Amendment rights, they work to take your First Amendment rights as well.

At Guns Save Life, we had a problem with persistent spray-paint vandalism of our signs many years ago at one particular location between Champaign and Danville, IL.  We’d repair the vandalism and the hooligans would be back a day or three later.  This went on for weeks.


We solved the problem by erecting a “double decker” set of signs, leaving up vandalized panels, and putting a new slogan panel below them:





You know what?  That was the last spray paint vandalism we had at any of our locations for many years.

2 thoughts on “HARD AS THEY TRY, FREEDOM WON’T DIE: Vandals spray paint pro-gun signs in PA”
  1. A few well placed game camera’s would help make short order of the spray can criminal element in Conoy Twp., PA. Keep up the good work township supervisor’s.

  2. Typical liberal moonbats… proclaiming “tolerance” while practicing none of it for anything except for deviance.

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