The good guys have been busy introducing common sense changes to Illinois laws when it comes to weapons.  Not surprisingly, some of the proposals have caught the notice of the mainstream media.

Brandon Phelps has introduced a new bill to legalize suppressors for civilians in Illinois, including for hunting.   39 other states allow their residents to own suppressors, and according to Phelps, 35 of those allow the use of suppressors while hunting.

Of course, the gun control industry is opposed to legalization of suppressors why?  Not because of a scientific data or rational reasoning, but because Mark Walsh of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Ownership deems it bad public policy.

He and his ilk thought worse of the right-to-carry proposals over the years.  He was wrong about those, and he’s wrong now about suppressors.

Also in the mix is a proposal to legalize the ownership and carrying of automatic knives for those with concealed carry licenses.  Oh yeah, and to allow the carrying of electronic stun devices for card-carrying good guys as well.

Let’s talk about the proposals.  I posted a draft of this at Capitol Fax a few minutes ago:

Suppressors: What’s the big deal? Like short-barreled rifles the Illinois General Assembly approved a couple of years ago (and signed into law by Pat Quinn of all people), there’s a federal background check and a $200 tax stamp that must be bought from the feds before you can pick it up. It’s not like Joe Sixpack can go to Guns-R-Us after work and pick up a couple then be back home in time for dinner. Short barreled rifles haven’t been problematic and neither will suppressors once they are approved.

Benefits of “cans”: Hearing protection primarily. It also is less intrusive to man and beast around where a person is firing their gun. It’s not a “silencer”, it merely reduces the gunshot report to a loud clap in most cases.

Like short-barreled rifles, the Illinois General Assembly may not pass this on the first go around, but through education it’ll get passed eventually. Sort of like civil unions and medical marijuana eventually passed once legislators were educated about the topics.

As for automatic knives, and electronic “stun” devices: Again, modest steps to open avenues of self-defense for the law-abiding in Illinois.

Today’s perfectly legal “assisted opening” knives are very similar to fully “automatic” knives this proposal seeks to legalize. Yes, some folks pejoratively call automatic knives “switch blades”.  They are the same people who disparage affordable handguns, calling them “Saturday Night Specials”.

Stun devices? They’ve been legal to buy forever in IL. Have we had a rash of drive-by Taserings? Not that I’m aware of.

I will close with the fact that Indiana has had all of the above for many years and the criminal misuse of the above is somewhere between zero and nil. Then again, they had right-to-carry for decades before Illinois started to catch up with them.

I’m sure the follow-on comments will be as priceless as one of the early ones:

– walker – Monday, Feb 9, 15 @ 11:39 am:

Ear plugs?

Silencers are just another way for macho wannabes to pretend they are special forces.

Ad hominem attacks are the refuge of individuals who can’t debate a topic on the merits, but instead resort to name calling and personal attacks instead of debating the issue.

6 thoughts on “NEW ILLINOIS BILLS: Proposals to approve suppressors, automatic knives, and more.”
  1. These are great proposals. I hope Rep Phelps and colleagues also find time to simplify the restricted locations list for Illinois CCW permit holders.

    We’ll be at iGold lobbying for this stuff. When the time comes to heat up the phones, give us a heads up.

    1. Oh – if any anti-gunner types are running out of ideas for ad hominem attacks, they could always go with the “pseudo-phallic” angle… Those red neck gunners just want to make ’em bigger.

    1. Indeed, a change of guard is more the reason to raise our voices. We need everyone! Ladies, I want to see you in Springfield March 18th for IGOLD. Bring the kids and grandkids for a real lesson on civic liberty!

  2. I like suppressors because when I practice shooting it is less intrusive to neighbors and easier on my ears.

  3. Lets hope some of these bills become law. We need to “RESTORE” our rights in Illinois.
    A little at a time is still better than going in the wrong direction.
    As many of you are aware I hate the FOID card law with a passion. If we cant “REPEAL” the filth then we at least need to “RESTORE” our rights when ever and where ever we can.

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