“The unjustified shooting of our daughter is only the latest sign of an issue that requires federal oversight,” Laura Sonia Rosales, pictured, and Jose Hernandez said in a statement. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press) (Photo and caption via LA Times)

A teenaged girl’s parents in Denver aren’t blaming their own poor parenting skills for the death of their daughter, but rather the police after she was shot to death trying to run over the police while driving a stolen Honda.

The 17-year-old girl’s parents are likely positioning themselves for a nice cash settlement from the City of Denver in the girl’s death.

A local “youth organizer” (is that like a community organizer?) Mimi Madrid Puga, 26, said that stealing cars and joyriding in them was “a right of passage” for many youths.  She also said it “shouldn’t carry the death penalty”.

With parenting and leadership like Mimi Madrid Puga’s it’s no wonder the community she organizes within is in such turmoil.  She isn’t concerned with the impact of car theft on the victim’s families.  Decent people rely on their cars for transportation to get to and from a paying job – and to provide for their families.  To have their family car stolen and often crashed by joyriding criminal thugs isn’t a victimless crime, but Puga doesn’t have a care in the world for the car’s owners.

Well, most would agree riding in a stolen car (or even driving a stolen car) shouldn’t carry the death penalty, but trying to run over an innocent person with a car?  In today’s world, threatening or committing acts which would likely result in the imminent infliction of death or great bodily injury to an innocent carries with it the risk of getting yourself shot DRT – dead right there.

Jessica Hernandez in better days, from her Facebook page.

And while her parents didn’t trot out the “my little baby didn’t do nuffin’ wrong” line specifically, they clearly identified her as coming from that lineage.   From the LA Times:

Her parents called her a “beautiful girl who brought love and joy to her family and friends.” But this wasn’t her first run-in with the law.

The Associated Press reported that she was cited Jan. 1 for eluding an officer and resisting arrest after being stopped traveling 80 mph in a 55-mph zone.



13 thoughts on “DINDU NUFFINS: Kids think joyriding in stolen cars a “right of passage”?”
  1. Apparently it’s easier to land something on Mars than admit your crappy parenting got your kid killed.

  2. Would it be right to assume, from their names, that the parents are not, and likely never were, married?
    Far too often, that is the underlying cause of incidents such as this.

  3. Careful! You fellows are betraying our White privilege!

    1. Nuclear family.

    2. Personal accountability.

    3. Respect for law, rule of law, and law enforcement.

    4. Respect for other peoples’ property and other people.

    SOmehow, the black/brown communities have obviated a need for any of these, and yet thrive.

    Read One Second After, Day of Wrath, and One YEAR After (when it comes out). they may not be the exact causes of our doom, but we are doomed, for certain.

  4. Shame this sweet girl wasnt raised decently. Now mom and dad want to be ethnically rich winning the ghetto lottery…

  5. “She” looks like a boy in that picture.

    Maybe she should have acted more like a lady and less like a hooligan and she’d still be with her mom.

  6. There is an expectation that nothing bad should ever happen, that one should never experience the consequences of their actions. The parents are clearly at fault, having never taught her that driving a stolen car is wrong, eluding the cops at 80 mph is wrong, or that taking stuff that did not belong to her is wrong. And she paid the price for it. Shes not innocent, shes ignorant. That ignorance got her killed. It may be sad, it may be tragic, but it is absolutely predictable, when parents just shrug their shoulders and refuse to be parents. The silly hat tells me shes running with a gang, or wanna bes, she wasnt killed at choir practice, or in the library, or helping an elderly neighbor. She got shot driving a stolen car at a cop. What on earth did she think was gonna happen?

  7. Not sure Mimi knows the difference, but the phrase should read, “rite of passage” as in a ritual, not a right, as something promised… But then standards of behavior are out the door, why should rules of English matter?

  8. So many people are not up for the challenge to actually raise their children. Judging by her behavior and appearance, the “street” raised her kid. Mamma, she tried to run over a cop. Who’s the bad guy again?

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