The LA County Sheriff’s Office has released an excellent video entitled:  “SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER”.

For the average person, it provides an excellent primer to surviving a spree killing event.  Yes, spree killings are rare, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored as a potential threat.  Lightning strikes are rare as well, yet we still teach our loved ones ways to minimize the risk of getting hit by a bolt of lightning!

Yes, those of us who carry firearms lawfully for self-defense have some other options, but for 99.44% of Illinois residents, they don’t have a concealed carry piece on them.

This video provides excellent information for them.  It’s just shy of ten minutes long.  It’s very good.

One key to surviving an active spree killing is not to freeze – you must act!  Be it to get out of the area, to assist others in escaping, to engage the bad guy or to barricade yourself in a room.  Oh yeah – kill your cell phone if you’re hiding by silencing it or removing the battery.


9 thoughts on “SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER: 10 minutes that could save your life”
    1. I’m more of a go-getter than a shelter-in-place guy. Then again, I’m carrying two guns and will share one if I’m with someone I know is competent and who is willing to engage a spree killer with me before police arrive.



    2. You hold on to your’s, I’ll use one of mine. ‘tween the two of us or three or more maybe we can help.

  1. Where did they come up with the stats? One mass shooting every 2.9 months is inflated. What are they counting as a mass shooting?

  2. #1. Nobody did consider the option ” shoot the shooter” to stop him ?
    #2. Emergency’s bag should come with a gun and amo inside !

  3. Excellent training. I’m afraid this is going to make more people anti-gun, but it is what it is.

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