Cristian Loga-Negru (photo by Racine County Sheriff’s Office)

Meet Cristian Loga-Negru.

He *really* didn’t like his estranged wife, who sought and received an order of protection following a long string of incidents involving Loga-Negru.

Instead of investing in a gun, she went with an order of protection.  Unfortunately for her, that piece of paper did little to stop her lunatic husband from using a hatchet to kill her once he tracked her down to her boss’ residence.  Seems the boss didn’t have the most effective tool to repel bad people with evil in their hearts.

What stops bad people with evil in their hearts?

It isn’t an Order of Protection.


Sadly, Roxana Abrudan was killed because of it.



2 thoughts on “FACT: Paper doesn’t stop a lunatic with a hatchet”
  1. I saw this first hand a few years ago when a woman and her mother was killed by the woman’s estranged husband ( they where in the middle of a seperation and divorce process. She had the glorious order of protection. But that didn’t stop him from shooting up the house and killing the two woman, his self and leaving his kids orphans. Only law abiding people obey laws.
    ( AKA: pieces of paper.)

  2. Yep….Go ahead blame the 2nd amendment for that one….too bad you have no PROOF…

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