The Dallas Fox Station had a report in recent days of an armed robbery/carjacking/kidnapping that happened there in recent days.  In short, a woman (not pictured above) did just about everything wrong a person could do and ended up carjacked and kidnapped.  She’s very lucky she escaped the situation with her life.

Prolific American bank robber Willie Sutton was believed to have once said that he robbed banks because that was where the money was.

In today’s world, especially at odd hours, one place where there’s cash money is at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

ATM safety is a class they don’t teach in school.  It relies on common sense, something that’s increasingly uncommon among some folks.

Here’s a video that shows what can happen when you’re in condition white – oblivious – while withdrawing cash from an ATM.

This woman was robbed at gunpoint, “forced” to get into her trunk, and taken to multiple other ATMs to make withdrawals.

While some sheeple might say she didn’t deserve to be the victim of this horrific crime, she didn’t do anything to avoid finding herself victimized.

When you go to an ATM, pick one that’s well-lit.  Don’t visit the ATM late at night, or in a rough part of town, especially late at night.  The old axiom that nothing good happens after midnight is especially true of ATMs.


Have your card handy before you drive up and as you are approaching the machine, look around for pedestrians or anyone who looks as though they are loitering.  If you see anyone who looks at all suspicious, that’s what the FBI calls a “clue”.  Don’t stop there or come back another time.

Maintain a heightened sense of situational awareness as you engage in the transaction.  Your eyes should be sweeping the area 360 degrees, watching for anyone approaching your car.  If a vehicle pulls up behind yours and any of the doors open on that vehicle, hit “CANCEL” on the transaction and drive on.

The ATM machine is NOT the place to balance your checkbook, write a letter to your Congressman, or read your mail.  Execute your transaction as expeditiously as possible and drive on.  Every second you spend at that machine is another second you are vulnerable to attack.



3 thoughts on “ATM SAFETY: Play inattentive games, suffer potentially deadly consequences”
  1. The woman is lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle she wasn’t raped or beaten half to death at the very least. would have been wise to stop and look the place over before driving up and stay in gear holding the brake the whole time while at the machine. if possible know your plans for the evening and get cash during daylight hours. if she would have been armed she could have had a surprise when he opened the trunk ( which has a release inside ) at the next ATM.

  2. Glad the woman was ok.

    All American Cars made after 2002 by federal law have to have emergency latches installed in the trunk.

    Have a plan, keep aware, carry a firearm every freaking day. A reload, knife, and flashlight are handy to have as well.

  3. Hopefully this woman has learned something from this. She’s not paying attention, she doesn’t just drive away, she GETS IN THE TRUNK!… It’s like a comedy of stupid mistakes. Bill’s right. She’s lucky she isn’t dead.

    If not, she’s dumber than owl crap.


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