“It gives you this real adrenaline that took hours to come down from.”


So the “Try Guys” – pajama boy geeks – got together and went to a range to shoot. Now brace yourself if you watch the video.  These guys obviously spend more time in a coffee shop than a home improvement store.   Having suffered through this video to write this piece, I wonder if any of them can add air to a car tire, much less change a flat.  I’ve known petite Asian women who were far more handy with a tool bag than these failed applicants for the Obamacare Pajamaboy commercial.

Some where behind a gun for the first time.  Others, had shot a little in the past.  All were filled with all sorts of misinformation about guns and happily sat around sharing their anti-gun bigotry (well, except for the one guy) on camera prior to their trip to the range, spewing all sorts of falsehoods as “facts”.

The “Try Guys”: What do you do when you’re a complete geek with a ton of student loan debt, no job, and living in your mom’s basement? You get together with your fellow geeks and become the “Try Guys”.


Then they went to a gun club in Los Angeles and shot guns after learning how to make them work.

Then the smiles came on.  I’ve seen those smiles from first-time shooters plenty of times myself.  It’s why I’m an instructor and donate my time at an NRA Youth Shooting Camp each summer.  A camp where, I might add, Chicago taxpayers have financed the ammunition for the kids to learn to shoot more than once in the past.  (FoxNews link Our story.   Google link to 780 stories about our most recent trip.)

“I’m really glad I did it.  I’ve not done it so many times.  But I faced my fear…” one of them said.

“I get it.  I now get it.  I didn’t get it and now I get it.  Guns are really (bleeping) fun,” another one said.

Yes, they are still anti-gun, but their trip to the range was incredibly fun and exciting to them, and they’ve been influenced in a very positive manner to guns and gun ownership.  Some of the preconceived notions have been refuted, others blunted.

Give them some time to have some personal introspection, and maybe a few more years to mature (and maybe find a woman and start a family) and they’ll leave the anti-gun mantras behind and get their own guns.

This is how you convert an anti-gunner. The deeper their anti-gun prejudices run, the greater the introspection required before they come to realize the proven benefits of firearm ownership.

You never see those excited expressions at Moms Demand Action events.

Here’s the video.  Skip to about 1:00 for the better part of this steak.


5 thoughts on “CONVERSION IN PROGRESS? Anti-gun geeks experience thrill of shooting”
  1. Even getting as far as “I’m okay with people who do this on ranges and stuff, because that’s fun” (as another, similar video caused an anti-gunner to say) is a step in the right direction.
    What really made me laugh was the looks on their faces when one of them revealed that he HAD in fact shot a number of firearms before. They were all like “Who ARE you?” Completely surprised to learn that one of their metrosexual bros was in fact from a gun family, and was comfortable with guns.

  2. An example of experience overcoming propaganda. I urge everyone to take ONE person to a range per year at YOUR expense. Show them it’s fun, that it is a mental excersise, that friendly competition can bring people together. Be calm, start small, let them have a positive experience, (Don’t hand them a .500 revolver as their first shot, FFS) Make it about THEM. Start with 22s, then move up as they get the concept. Then share lunch afterward.

    Every one I have taken wants to go again!

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