Police pay their respects to one of the two fallen officers.


A black, self-admitted gang-banger (scumbag’s name redacted) assassinated two NYPD cops sitting in a marked squad car yesterday after posting on Instagram that he was going to kill some cops in revenge, as he saw it, for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.   “They Take 1 Of Ours . . . Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” he wrote on what he acknowledged might be his last Instagram post.

In an earlier post, he wrote in barely literate English:  “I Rather Die a Gangster Then Go To Sleep A Coward”.

This “brave” gangster shot his girlfriend earlier in the day, before walking up to the passenger window of the NYPD squad car, assuming a two-handed shooting stance, and shooting both officers in the head.  Yeah, he was a real courageous social justice warrior.  (That was sarcasm.)

Of course, it won’t surprise you to discover this piece of refuse had a long criminal record:  He was arrested in 2006 in George for carrying a concealed weapon and shoplifting.  In 2009 he was indicted for robbery in Ohio.  In 2011 he faced a slew of charges in Georgia again, including reckless conduct, tampering with evidence, criminal property damage, and discharging a firearm.

In the end, he died like a true social justice warrior, eating his pistol in one final cowardly act to end his pathetic, cowardly life.

This scumbag’s final post to Instagram, next to a photo of a gun that looked just like the one recovered where Mr. Scumbag shot himself in the head.


Scene of the assassination. Click for larger size.


NYPD are quite upset about being scapegoated by New York’s new leftist mayor, Bill DeBlasio.  So pissed they are shunning him publicly, including turning their backs on him as he walked to the press briefing on the assassination.

Just a week ago, Al Sharpton was marching in New York City chanting:  “What do we want?… SHOOT BACK!  What do we want?  …DEAD COPS!  When do we want it?   NOW!”


Of course, neither Obama nor Holder have rushed to give a statement condemning the attack on police.
Ace of Spades had this short bit of commentary on the political left in this country and “community organizers”.  We thought it was spot on.  Remember, these people are dead-set opposed to you right to self-defense and your right to keep and bear arms.  These people want power over people, not individual responsibility.

The political left in this country is comprised primarily of people who have a background as, or the mindset of, “community organizers”. The job of a community organizer is to make things worse. They are the ones throwing gasoline on the fire and rubbing salt in the wounds. Their job is to sew turmoil, discord and hate. They work to prevent accord from being reached, to end cooperation between peoples and to head off agreement. They are professional shit stirrers.


Ideologically, their reason is to destroy western civilization so that it can be replaced with a collectivist Utopia. That’s great and all, but it’s kind of fuzzy. Personally, however, their motivation is pure personal profit. There’s not a single one of these sons of bitches that doesn’t get rich ripping the scabs off of wounds, and in that lies the ultimate irony. They decry the capitalist and free marketeer as promoting a system based upon the assumption that people act from in own self interest, while at the same time demonstrating all of the traits that they condemn, proving that the capitalist was right in the first place. Human nature is human nature. None of this should surprise anyone who is a student of history, yet somehow it always does.

A peaceful, prosperous community or nation does not need community organizers. Community organizers, on the other hand, can’t function in a peaceful, prosperous nation, so they are always, ALWAYS, striving to destroy it.




6 thoughts on “NYPD ASSASSINATION: Thug executes two NYPD cops as “revenge” for Michael Brown and Eric Garner”
  1. As a cop, may my two brothers rest in peace. We have the watch from here.

    As for the coward, enjoy the eternal lake of fire….

  2. The Dindu Tribe has grown strong thanks to the Democrats’ Great Society enslavement program.

  3. NYC’s mayor has no balls. His wife wears them as ear-rings.

    Amazing how this douchebag (how did he get elected, anyway?) has the gall to blame the media for reporting the violent nature of the supposedly “peaceful” protests. He also ignores his own dismissive and undermining statements about the police.

    His protective detail ought to turn their backs on him. Maybe Russell Simmons can provide security from his pool of gang-banging associates and acquaintances!

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